Ilhan Omar rips Obama

I just want to pass this along. I wonder how this will go over. It’ll be interesting to see. She doesn’t pull any punches:

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No comment is an invitation to have the thread deleted.

You know it is okay for those in the same party to disagree with members of their party, some would even say it’s healthy.

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What is it that you would like to discuss?

These freshman congresswoman really got people in a tizzy!

These congresswoman? Yeah, they’re something else. I wonder how much longer Pelosi can protect her.

From what?

Just because some Republicans eat their own who dare criticize Trunp doesn’t necessarily mean the same will happen here.

Maybe so called conservatives will start to like her?

Oh no not every person of color liked obama… Let me run and make a thread

A Lefty Democrat criticizing a Centrist Democrat. Sounds healthy to me.


I see she’s liked by at least one prominent Democrat.

Person of color?
Do you mean non albinos?

Yoi knew that was your intent… Look a black person doesnt like obama… Im going to make a topic and show those Libz

David Duke is a Trump supporter. Biggly.

Duke is a Trumpist. Hes yours now bub.

Isn’t that the same democrat that liked Trump?

ETA: I need to get faster or read further before I post.

Go for it. Start your own thread.

I dont think you understood the meaning of that post.

This is your thread. What perspective did you seek to discuss?

I suspect her color was less a motive for the thread than her being a democrat publicly ‘attacking’ Obama.

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