Ignore feature engaged

Didn’t realize this was an eight month old thread. Had no idea the “feature” even existed. :smile:

Seems to be ok. Message me if problem continues.

I see what I was doing wrong. It doesn’t work when using copy paste of the name. I had to type the name in. Thanks

Why? Does ignoring members come with a penalty?

No, I actually said it jokingly, but I’ve noticed people have the tendency to broadcast their intentions to ignore someone. Just do it if you’re going to. There’s no need to inform the poster of that intent, and in fact, it could be viewed as making them feel otherwise unwelcome.

I let em know in subtle way so they don’t have to waste there time responding to me…but that doesn’t stop em. Some just can’t take a hint. :wink:

Ignoring them doesn’t preclude them from responding to you. At the point that you ignore, it shouldn’t matter if they do.

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Well there is more to it. I laugh how they try to seek my attention afterwards. :wink:

Is there some way to determine whether someone has ignored you so you don’t waste time responding to their posts?

My guess is over time you would notice…:sunglasses:

I have my suspicions, but I don’t know.

I find I can’t add a particular user to the ignore list. Could be because his/her name has an “underscore” in the middle.