Ignore feature engaged

The ignore is back by popular demand.

Preferences/users/muted and ignored.

Use with extreme caution


Outstanding! Instructions?

Go to your profile, preferences/users/muted and ignored. It gives you the option to mute any @Apocalypto hailing’s and ignore individual users. But it has to be renewed every 4 months.


Renewed every 4 months? Worse than the dmv


Sheath that tongue, wench!

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What was that? I can’t hear you, you are ignored :crazy_face:


I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if tens of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I think something beautiful has happened.


Thanks for a feature I’ll never use. :slight_smile:


Oh I was going for a coh because I’m saying this is worse than government…:wink:

Careful, @GWH will make it so you have to renew them monthly :smiley:

Interesting little bug…i put someone on ignore but if you are in the same thread and they respond you see the post till you refresh…

I posted this in another thread, but with the ushering in of this new feature, my posts seem to force me to the bottom of the page, and I can’t change the option to keep me where I am in a thread when I post a reply.

Must avoid bottom joke

Thank god.

It’s nice to have. I don’t anticipate ignoring many, but there are a couple…

Thanos snapped his fingers, and poof …


Mr WonderingRover… I dont feel so good…


is the Ignore function broken? will not accept any timeframe.

I do not use it.

I DO wish there was a feature where you could ignore two users when they are having a childish back and forth ****ing match as occurs all too frequently. :smile:

But no desire to place any users on ignore. I can pass by childish or incoherent posts easily enough.

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