IG report of conduct of Director Comey

The Office of the Inspector General - DOJ released the report this morning on the actions of Director Comey. There will be separate IG report on the conduct related to FISA abuse and other matters.

Read and enjoy.

Comey needs to apologize for being a dirty cop!

Bill Barr let’s him live free and clear.

He is still and always will be a dirty cop.
He should apologize.

The report is critical of Comey for disclosing “sensitive” information re the Flynn investigation, which appears to repeat his error in disclosing information about the Clinton e-mail investigation in Oct. 2016. He used his position to criticize both Clinton and Trump at various times.

The report also makes clear that President Trump’s repeated claim that Comey leaded classified information is false.


You mean his own flipping notes?

The ones memorializing his concern that the new PoTUS was unfilt?

I can see how Trump would want to keep those “classified”.

Just like Loretta Lunch and Jeff Sessions never had Hillary indicted, Comey isn’t going to get indicted under Bill Barr.

I can see the motivation as well, but “classified” has an actual meaning and it should not used to cover up criminality.

What I find troubling in the IG Report is that in its insistence that all FBI agents stick to the rules it allows no room for whistle blowers.

Maybe he will when he’s indicted?

No one will be indicted.

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Well, I know that, and you know that. @Weedhopper, however, is still thinking Comey, Mueller, Obama, Clinton, et al, will be.

Read the report


Well, that’s not true at all.

Provide a quote from the report to back up your position – I’ll offer the entire conclusion which makes it clear that the functioning of the FBI is dependent on not indulging in personal opinions.

Strzok. Page. Again and again.

A tidbit

As a result of their review, Baker, Strzok, the Unit Chief, and Page recommended
classifying portions of Memo 2, Memo 3, and Memo 7, which had not been marked
classified by Comey. At the time they conducted this review, none of these
individuals knew that Comey had shared copies of Memos 2, 4, 6 and 7 with his attorneys.


Everyone in the FBI giving their personal opinions and case notes to the media is not whistleblowing. As the report says, Comey released information on ongoing cases even as he told Congress he could not talk about certain things because they were ongoing cases.
Comey had other routes he could have taken for his concerns, which makes it definitely not whistle blowing. As the report concludes:

“Comey had several other lawful options available to him to advocate for the appointment of a Special Counsel, which he told us was his goal in making the disclosure.”

  1. B. Whistleblowing specifically identified as an exception.


Here is older gem/thread that I came across looking for something else.

Seems fitting here.

Comey violated FBI policy and the requirements of his FBI Employment
Agreement when he chose this path. By disclosing the contents of Memo 4,
through Richman, to The New York Times, Comey made public sensitive
investigative information related to an ongoing FBI investigation, information he
had properly declined to disclose while still FBI Director during his March 20, 2017
congressional testimony.