IG REPORT: FBI’S Strzok Texted ‘WE’LL STOP’ Trump from Becoming President in 2016 | Sean Hannity

A bombshell report from the DOJ’s Inspector General stunned Washington Thursday, with new details revealing that FBI agent Peter Strzok vowed to “stop” Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States.

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That line from Strzok was withheld from congress until now…

Just by the fact that their texts were about stopping Trump from becoming president makes them politically biased! The whole report is salted with anti Trump bias! Does he think just because he says it is not for his lib followers that means it isn’t?

There wasn’t a single pro Trump communique in the entire report and those corrupt POS investigators and FBI attorneys moved from covering Clintons crimes and protecting Obama in that SCAM investigation right into another SCAM investigation which is nothing but an attempt to frame Trump and delegitimize his Presidency.

This is rancid LIBERALISM on display, it’s putrid and stinks to it’s rotten core. IMO

And why did higher ups, such as McCabe and Comey, not see any of this from the people they worked with regularly, and recuse them from any political investigations?

What? You expect integrity from political appointees?