IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


Because whether or not he had direct access to Trump, working with the Russians to influence the election could still be illegal.


That has been my point. You cannot simply hire someone to inform on the Trump campaign if they don’t know anything, and Halper knew nothing. He was hired as a third party, to spy on the campaign, gather information and report back.

You hire a third party to secretly gather information on the Trump campaign, he’s a spy. Halper did not do any of this for free, the FBI paid for all his expenses, which would include that $3,000.

But like I said, in the double-speak world of the left, a terrorist bombing is a “man caused disaster,” a criminal investigation is a “matter,” and spy is an “informant,”

And a spy hired by the FBI to sent to try and “insert” himself into the Trump campaign and play the role of an unofficial advisor and confidant for a few staffers and report back everything he learns to his FBI handler, is simply an informant.

We are supposed to believe that Halper was just a person with nothing better to do, and he loves to travel around the world and spend his own money.


The second to last paragraph in my above post, was sarcasm


He met Page at a symposium previous to joining trumps team, and reached out again to page after he joined trumps team. The contact was set.


Anything that is criminal is informant, anything that is counter intelligence is Spy!


The DNC hired a lot of third parties! Halper, that Malta Prof who cant be found, Fusion, Steele. Time to raid perkins coie and see where all that money went.


Yeah, that’s not true. Page was listed as an advisor to the campaign in March. The symposium was after that.


Halper reached to Trumps campaign previous to Popadopalous coming on, fake narrative.


Either way, the official FBI document said the FBI started the Russia investigation in July, why was Halper digging in for the FBI previous to the FBI predicate? If it wasnt Russia contacts, it would be for contacts in England, or contacts in France. Halper was there to find anything and everything he could on trump and report to fbi headquarters. Its amazing he was an adviser in the Reagan admin and it was an inside informant who tipped off the FBI which lead to the Iran Contra special counsel, could Halper be the one responsible for that too?


This is the dumbest line of argument in a really dumb thread. Apparently Halper is a longtime fake Republican who has been responsible for setting up every Republican administration for 50 years to get taken down and nobody has caught on until Attreyu at Hannity.com solved the case.


The first contact was made in July before any official investigation was even launched.

But Mr. Page tells us he actually met Mr. Halper in mid-July, at a symposium at England’s University of Cambridge, where Mr. Halper is an emeritus professor. Mr. Page says the invitation to that event came much earlier—the end of May or early June. Mr. Page declined to say who invited him but says it was someone other than Mr. Halper.

Papadopoulos was being worked by intelligence sources as far back as November 2015.


If the Russians were the target of the investigation it seems odd that all the spying was being done on Americans.


Halper met Page at a conference. There is no indication he was directed to do so at the behest of the FBI. It is not known that Papadopoulos was “being worked” in November 2015.


You keep clinging to that for as long as it gives you comfort.

The idea that three different intel operators contacted Papadopoulos randomly and without direction is laughable at best.


Only two more days for this IG report to come out.


It will be interesting for sure, particularly when the criminal referrals come down.


You keep clinging to your wacko conspiracy theories since that clearly gives you comfort in the lily white innocence of the village idiots that composed some of Trump’s campaign.


I’m clinging to facts and reality, you still seem to be clinging to that last straw praying that somehow Trump is going to be indicted and/or impeached over some imagined Russian Collusion.


You’re clinging to assumptions and inferences that conveintly play to your bias.

If you had facts, you wouldn’t be pimping an article from themarketswork.com

More to your bias, I’ve stated repeatedly that I don’t think Trump colluded and have never said I expect him to be indicted or impeached over collusion. In fact, I’ve said I hope he isn’t. Next time, check your facts before spouting false things about me.


Show anything stated in the cited article to be false.


Its not the facts. It’s how you fill in the gaps around the facts.

The facts alone don’t say what you say. The inferences do. That’s where you run into problems.