IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set



The informant never became part of the campaign. So how was he “inserted” as in “to put or place in”?


Where precisely did I say he became a part of it?


“inserted into the campaign”

How was this person “inserted”?


At the direction of the FBI apparently.


That did not answer the question. The informant met with some people. asked some questions. From all we’ve been given, that is all this person did.

How is that “inserted into the campaign”?


The informant operated at the direction of his handlers specifically to act in a covert manner in an attempt to gain the trust of Trump and his associates to obtain information in an intelligence investigation.

This wasn’t some guy who just happened on his own to bump into a few of the campaign officials and have a cup of coffee.

Assets are inserted into whatever situation they are being used to get information on by their handlers and at their direction.


OK thanks, that is enough.

He obviously was not “inserted into the campaign”.

Words sometimes do matter.


He offered one of them $3,000 to do a job.
You think he paid that money out of his own pocket?

It’s called establishing rapport and bona fides.

Spy 101.





Informants are already in. You don’t go to a college campus to get a drug informant, you find a crackhead. If they wanted an informant, the go get someone in or near. They don’t send someone.

Halper is a spy. He’s run spies. To spy on an election campaign.

Spies need bona fides. They have to establish rapport.


Dis Halper spy or inform on the Carter campaign?


Halper met Page at a conference prior to starting up with the FBI investigation.

I guess that makes him an informant by your standard.


Did Halper spy or inform on Carter? Who did he use to do it.

You do realize there is an official start date to investigations and then there is other stuff, right?


By your definition, he’s an informant. Halper had a relationship with Page prior to the investigation. If you have any evidence that he was starting up with the FBI prior to the initiation of the investigation, put up or shut up.


So Halper was recruiting Page to be his inside informant?


You could hardly say that Page was a member of the campaign.

In my mind, the most simple explanation is the best. Trump’s campaign signed on a number of people without having any idea who they are and some of them turned out to be the village idiots with no common sense. These idiots were desperate for the opportunity and wanted to do anything they could, which made them open to influence from outside sources. The Russians may have tried to recruit them, which they were eager to be “helpful” but then decided that Page and Papadopolous were not important enough to bother with. Or maybe Page and Papadopolous were merely inflating their importance which gave the appearance that they were trying to be recruited. Either way, you can’t turn a blind eye to these idiots just because they’re idiots.


I agree. Page even admitted that he’s never even talked to Trump personally. He was just a guy who got in on the early campaign because they needed bodies to pretend they were serious.

This was not about the campaign, this was about people who happened to be in the campaign that were potentially targets of foreign recruitment or who had been reaching out to foreign sources.




Spooks call them sources.

Is that the guy he offered the $3k to?


Then why is Mueller on him?