IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set


So because they don’t report it to your liking, they’re wrong? News is based on facts.


just like the myira article. They said Obama made a mistake, then quickly jumped to say it wasnt his Idea! Lol its either his fault, or its not his fault. Why sugar coat it?


Trump wasn’t being spied on because he went to Russia.

As far as we know, no one has “spied” on Trump at all.

An informant spoke with 2-3 people in the Trump campaign because they were either in contact with foreign persons or seemed to have some information from foreign sources.

Unless more comes out, that is all there is.

That is hardly “spying”.


Of course it doesn’t. Corruption isn’t a problem at all.


They were spying on the campaign before they even officially opened an investigation.


Its not corruption. It’s hysterical wailing from the usual suspects.


Just keep repeating that to yourself.


I will. Especially after having been proven right again and again while watching you guys face plant again and again.

A lesser man would take pleasure. I’m just saddened. This is a tragedy.


What month did the Trump campaign come into existence?


You haven’t been proven right on anything, You declare victory and run and hide.


Wow! Protect much? How about I pull a Wildrose and then just massive shift the topic when I’m getting beat.

Right now you guys are faceplanting on “spygate”. Before that it was McCabe in the tank for Clinton. Before that it was “secret society. That’s just off the top of my head. You guys have a long list of hysterical nonsense that I could review.


Or for once you could quit being a partisan sycophant and simply look at the facts.

That isn’t going to happen either though is it?


You’d probably have to go back to some point in 13-14 or whenever they launched the exploratory committee.


Don’t forget Uranium One!

Don’t forget the informant in that case that was going to blow it all open.

Don’t forget Seth Rich!

Don’t forget Benghazi!!!

So many gullible right wingers.


Nope. Exploratory committee launched in March 2015. Barely any campaign staff would’ve been hired at that point and Trump was considered a joke candidate with no shot. Why would the FBI have already decided to “spy” on not-yet-a-campaign?

Moreover, the counterintel investigation and Halper’s involvement were more than a year after that.

Never mind the fact that the text in question does not give any context for what investigation it’s a part of.

Or the fact that lures are not in fact spies. They’re used to lure a suspect somewhere to be arrested.

You guys are grasping at straws and it’s really pathetic.


You’re not making sense. Somehow you lost me.

A lure is an attempt to entrap someone.

Trump was back and forth on getting in the race all the way back to Obama’s first term and before.

Whether you thought he was a joke or not he had the resources to make it a race anytime he chose to do so.


Ok so looking back.

The investigation started after the launching of the exploratory committee. You have your answer.


Investigation didn’t start until July 2016. Halper wasn’t involved until end of July. Why and how would they be getting lures approved for an investigation that doesn’t exist until months later and then coincidentally not do anything with them until it does?

Nobody thought Trump was a legitimate candidate so why would the FBI care that early at all let alone enough to spy on him?

“Lures” does not mean “spies”.

THERE IS ZERO CONTEXT TO THIS MESSAGE so why on earth would you conclude that it’s about Trump?

This whole theory is plainly ridiculous and you are off the deep end if you believe it.


What facts? Your alternative facts? Yeah. That’s what I’m trying to avoid. You would too if you didn’t want to keep looking like a fool.


More nonsense. You’re going to face plant on this one too.