IG report about FBI conduct ahead of the 2016 presidential election date set

Because I’m done with you until you pull your head out.

I know, right? Making details about the Clinton investigation public while keeping the investigation regarding the Trump campaign secret is definitely rigged.

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Conan, I used to be a Democrat until I saw how Bernie Sanders was cheated by the DNC as revealed by their own e-mails Wikileaks and confirmed by Donna Brazile in her book. I had to wake up and see what was really going on.

I have read all sorts of things about this supposed Russia-Trump collusion. It never occurred. I’m convinced it’s a creation by the FBI and DOJ.


So I have to submit to your alternative facts before you engage?

This type of arrogance is a cancer on our society.

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You been the cancer…and American people are seeing it.

Bernie didn’t lose the primary because Donna Brazille gave a town hall question to Clinton in advance.

Yes. Why don’t you bring your facts forward and convince me that there’s even probable cause for this perma-investigation?


I’m not asking for much. Just that you argue with facts, the same thing I ask of anyone else and I expect from myself. Something you have decided doesn’t matter anymore.

For starters, the Russian government was involved in a concerted effort to harm the Clinton campaign and benefit the Trump campaign.

That’s not the issue. There’s more to it than that. Wake up and start reading here:

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC by Donna Brazile



Libs like to have you believe they wanted to harm her politically…even after Russian invested hundreds of millions of dollars to her foundation.

That’s not logical. One would think they would want to protect that investment.


Aslo read this… (still sleeping?? zzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzzz)

Donna Brazile Owes An Apology To Julian Assange And WikiLeaks. Assange Warned Of Rigged Primary In 2016.


Russian investment bank pays Bill $500,000 for a “talk”. Imagine the uproar if Mueller found Trump was paid that much for a talk at a Russian investment bank.

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We aren’t talking about Russian oligarchs. We are talking about the Russian government. They had no investment in Clinton. Their relationship was clearly adversarial.

That would justify an investigation of Russia, not of the Trump campaign. It takes no involvement by them for Russia to hack emails.

…and you don’t think the Russian Oligarchs are fundamentally tied to the Russian Government? Really?


Anything that helps you sleep at night lib.

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Why don’t you tell me in your own words how they stole the nomination.

I have a hard time believing that there’s something sinister about the Hillary Victory Fund being used to support Hlllary.

Are you seriously trying to make a case that Russia wasn’t trying to harm the Clinton campaign?

They are subservient to it.