If You Were A Dictator

…and could enact any piece of legislation, at will / by command, what would it be? Or, if you dont like this premise, what piece of legislation if enacted would be the most consequential to your values?

Single payer healthcare.



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If I was a dictator I would change the system to a republic and relinquish power. Before that I would execute all progressives, jk…

Would try to get more time at the WH

Ban the use of linoleum on hardwood floors


I dont know anything about this stuff…wat u sayin

For some reason a lot of home renovation over the past decade has revealed that when boomers decided to do renovation last time around, they would cover beautiful hardwood floors with crappy plastic linoleum because of reasons

Eww. Ive heard of people putting carpet over but not linoleum…doesnt linoleum need an adhesive or is that vinyl

Ive been wanting refloor my basement for awhile hopefully this convo doesnt cost me lots of mooney

Repeal the 17th Amendment

Repeal public accommodation laws in the private sector

Repeal any law in violation of the plain English of the 2nd Amendment

Raise the age of majority to 21 or 25 for everything

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Don’t forget to cut yourself a nice severance check on the way out. Or set yourself up a sweet pension plan.

i would impose a mandatory bill of rights

Stand down the missiles, recall the bombers, go to DefCon 5

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Universal Heathcare is a tempting option.

But I would choose the unpopular “eliminate all executive orders, use legislation only” law.

But then the “no act of government shall increase the amount of paperwork” is also tempting. (Even though the unemployment rate would go through the roof in the DC area, I think it would be worth it. :slight_smile: )

I would create spy contractors and lie to fisa judges to spy on my opponents, fly billions in cash to Iran and pocket half for retirement, sell Americas uranium to our enemy the Russians, create more jobs in other countries that can afford it at the expense of the American people, open the borders in order to create lawlessness across the country, use the media to manipulate public opinion and divide America.

I would over turn Roe vs Wade…immediately.

8 year olds buying and carrying firearms, woohoo!

I’m in the business This is a good post.

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So anyone, of any age can buy any weapon at any time?

ShAlL NoT InFrInGe