If you have an illegal invasive species in your possession, best not to advertise that fact

Nutria are native to the southern portions of South America, primarily Argentina and Chile.

They are invasive and destructive in the United States and Maryland has spent many millions in what appears to be, finally, as successful eradication effort.

Some yokels in Louisiana thought it would be a good idea to keep a nutria as a pet. Finally, their not too subtle habits led to its discovery by the State Government, which has now seized the animal. It will escape death and live out its life in a zoo in the State.

I would have been more than happy to ventilate the damn thing, as would a bunch more people in the agribusiness sector. Along with feral pigs and other destructive invasive species, one of the banes of our lives. And I am sure the citizens of Maryland would also be happy to ventilate it, after the money they have spent on eradication efforts.

Here is a big clue.

Want a pet???

Get a cat or dog. Plenty available at your local animal shelter.

If you see a nutria, plug it.

Just think of it as a giant rat.



It’s a pity blue authorities don"t see south American gangs crossing the border in the same light.



The way I learned it they are the animal that

  • looks like a beaver,
  • has a pelt like a beaver,
  • and lives in the wild like a beaver,
    but has a tail like a rat so people hate them.

Or am I thinking of something else?

Such an invasive pet. :rofl:

I thought they were well established in the wilds of southern Louisiana. Apparently not.

Now they will let the family keep it, but they must get a permit and adhere to special conditions.

Meanwhile, Jefferson Parrish SWAT teams are shooting the damn things. :smile:

Do you mean to tell me that diversity isn’t a virtue?

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MS-13 is an invasive species. Wonder how many got aways are them?

Paul it depends on the definition of diversity, who is defining the narrative. Defunding police in blue states & cities has also changed the definition of victims.

The real yokels are those who make nation changing policies that affect the culture and borders

Wouldn’t the easy fix be to spay or neuter the thing?