If you had a chance to nationalize anything you want

what would it be?

We know libs want to Nationalize healthcare…we also know they want to nationalize all energy. And we know they want to nationalize education under their doctrine.

Anything else?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I want to nationalize the media. Only specially trained and certified journalists with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism should have access to highspeed news broadcasts.



OP, what would you nationalize?

We know cons want to nationalize morality…we also know they want to nationalize all displays of patriotism. And we know they want to nationalize permanent entitlements to the wealthiest 1% because those are the Job Creators.

Anything else?


I want to nationalize the use of the phrase “we know”.

Universally, “we” means “I”, and as for the “know” part … well, that seems to be just as universally wrong.

I want to nationalize the use, then ban it and replace it with the much more accurate “I fantasize”.


I also think we need nationalized forum…where every posts needs approval from the minster of political ethic committee.

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And when those little BIJ’s get out of line, I want them hauled before a sub-committee.

I think we should nationalize all real estate and bring back Soviet style housing.

And depending on size of your pad will be rated off your social credit score.


Postal service.


Donald would love this. He can’t even get a fair shake from Fox these days.

The flag

Well done, libs! This thread actually went a full 10 posts before the Orange Man Bad. :rofl:

This thread

Well done, Trumpists! This thread actually went a full 11 posts before Trump Deflection Bingo! :rofl:

Give yourself a pat on the back for doubling down so quickly. Here, have a meme.

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Not directly relevant, but I should note that Vietnamese Government officials are getting fired from their posts for not selling off State enterprises (de-nationalizing) fast enough. :smile:

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Please don’t stop! :rofl:

That’s what she said.

Where businesses can’t do business.