If You Go To College, Will You Make Good Money?

If you go to college, will you make good money?

Well, most people that tend to get a Liberal College education, tend to earn more money on a regular basis, weather it’s a trade school, or a degree, or certification of some sort, but what if Democrat Politicians made Minimum Wage so high, that it would almost defeat the purpose of getting a college degree?

In the past, a lot of people could easily make 20 dollars per hour doing a trade, or having a bachelors degree. But now since Minimum Wage will be going up to 15 dollars an hour in a couple of years in Democrat ran states, why would people want to waste their time to get a Liberal Democrat Education from College or trade school, when they could simply just make almost as much per hour, bussing tables, or working at McDonalds?

Don’t forget Americans…When minimum wage goes up, other things tend to go up also, just as; The cost of Living(Rent), and the cost of Food. So with that said, if those things go up also, then how is minimum wage ultimately really helping those that make it?

It doesn’t. All it basically does, is cause inflation to the point where over time, more and more people will have to rely on Big Government to help them out, and that is why the Democrat Politicians pretend that it’s ultimately helping most Americans out.

It’s very telling that you equate education with liberal Democrats.


Maybe we can study other countries that have high minimum wage to gauge the exact effects rather than guessing?


You hit the nail on the head, Target cuts hours to adjust to new wages.

I thought they prided themselves on it, on a regular basis?

Maybe that’s why Democrat Politicians realize that free college tuition is a good thing? hahaha.

They realized that people are starting to realize how Liberal it is, and with them raising minimum wage so high, they figure, well, Americans are going to start to realize that a liberal College education will contradict itself, when a minimum wage person can make 15 dollars an hour.

So why would they need a stupid Liberal Education? Why waste the time?
Oops. It’s starting to finally back fire on them.

What is a liberal education?

Do conservatives have an education too?


I wonder how many Middle Class(working class) paying jobs, for people that earn a salary or make like 20 dollars or more per hour, that will destroy?

They have to compensate some how for the fluctuation in pay.

I guess jobs for minimum wage might go up, but I’m talking about people with families, that can’t afford to get laid off, and earn minimum wage.

Schooling. It starts even in Grade schools. Teaching children perspectives on life, from more of a Liberal Democrat Political way, then a Conservative one.

When was the last time you attended school?

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Examples of this maybe?

Do you know how Henry ford answered his critics on why he played his workers so well.

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Are you one if those people that say there should be no minimum wage and people should be able to pay someone whatever they want? You do know trickle down is ■■■■■■■■ right. I’m a upper middle class I guess. If I make money I spend it. Cars,homes,vacations. When I spend money I stimulate the economy. People who make 15 dollars an hour I guarantee pump every cent of that back into the economy right away. Groceries,rent, credit cards etc . Why is this a bad thing?


No, it appears conservatives are often opposed to knowledge and education.

Over the last 30 years they have been indoctrinated by talk radio and Fox News to believe knowledge is a weakness and blind faith is a virtue.


What do you think is going to happen to those auto workers wages when the window lickers at McDs pay goes up?

Cause your talking about skilled labor working for Ford vs unskilled labor at minimum wage.

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so the government should keep wages low by spending billions in welfare.

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You have a problem with people who work at McDonald’s? People just trying to make a living or get through school? Wages will go up to answer your question. If someone with “unskilled labor” is making 15 me having skilled labor obviously should make more no?

What the government set wages to is largely irrelevant because everything else will adjust accordingly.

The only real difference is the poor will likely lose purchasing power as they will be taxed more and get less benefits and once prices adjust they will be worse off than before.


Now if all businesses cost of labor goes up, what happens to the prices of their products?

Walmart tell their workers how to apply for welfare, your allowing them to pay their workers low wages and not adjust with the standard of living.

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Yes, I agree, Democrat Politicians are screwing Americans over, but what do you think their justification is?