If You Could Change One Thing About USA

What would it be?

That’s a tough one. I would say our lack of focus / value on and of our health. Obesity. Mental illness. Fast food. Working too much / corporate grind. Slowing down and taking care of ourselves and talking with one another I think could do wonders for this country, if we could only all get on the same team for once.

I would like to see voters become more informed before entering the voting booth. Ideally, voters would research each candidate (not just the 2 from the “popular parties”) and select the candidate of the highest caliber of character that agreed with their position for each race on a ballot.

But, that is kind of an idealistic world. Reality is quite different the way things are.

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i would increase the elevation of the US (particularly the costal states) to help with the effects of global warming.


I would institute a parliamentary democracy at the Federal level. Our current system was designed not to have political parties, but we have them anyway. This would get the people a better say in the system. I also find these systems of governance seem to be running better than past the post systems.

No libs or RINOs.

It would be more efficient if you could get the Chinese and Indians to quit pumping out coal plants every week.

I would give back all the land that was stolen from the Native Americans.

Ignorance of the populace.

many, many citizens dont know what is going on in the United states.and believe in fairy tales.

to borrow a phrase from a TV commercial.

an knowledge populace makes good citizens,


My vote goes for a national chain that makes authentic shwarma, with no skimping on the garlic mayo.


Term limits. I had a long discussion with a family member who is politically not on the same page, but it’s one thing we agreed on. Political posts were never meant to be careers, and a lot of those in the beltway bubble would be more circumspect about what they enact if they had to return to the private sector and live with its consequences.

Pathological obsession with self.
Obsession with celebrity.
Abuse of social media.

All of these issues contributed to the conditions that allowed for Donald to win the White House.

Get rid of identity politics and virtue signalling.

Hmm. That’s difficult.

If you’re talking about the American people I would say that I wish we were less apathetic to the political process. And that we respected and exercised our basic rights more than we do.

I hesitate replying for fear of the royal boot.

I tend to agree with you here, albeit I don’t have a good understanding of a Parliamentary system, clearly our current two party system has become a complete ■■■■■■■ mess. It has become a very divisive and counterproductive system of governance.

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Take your pick…

  • Do away with the heavy influence of partisan politics

  • Do away with TV/radio personalities who intentionally try to impact public policy. For example, Trump, Mitch McConnell and congress shouldn’t be the only ones shouldering the blame for this shut down. If it wasn’t for the threats from some very familiar names he would have signed that bipartisan bill and kept this shutdown from happening. As those soulless jerks continue to make their millions we now have hundreds of thousands unemployed, working for free and millions more residually impacted.

  • Incorporate term limits in all levels of government, from local to federal

  • Reestablish the fairness doctrine

  • refocus our country back on education. There is no reason why we should behind any country as it relates to educating our population. Also, we got way too many uninformed and undereducated people in positions of power making decisions that is negatively impacting our country.

  • Establish an economic/diplomatic partnership with the country of Haiti. If it wasn’t for the Haitian revolution, most of the states west of the Mississippi River would have French as their National Language.

Campaign financing.

That is what I would change.

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I’d end withholding. It was put in place to fight WW2, and should have been removed at the end of the war. We lost a lot of freedom because of it…

Are you forced to have taxes withheld per paycheck? I know in some cases you need to pay quarterly. Or are you referring to something else?

Kick FDR’s legacy of high handed lawlessness and all that is built on it to the curb.