If you could ask a debate question, what would it be?

You would expect an honest answer?

No, would you?

Would you continue to follow W, Obama and Trump in going around Congress’s by EO, or would you be willing to use EO only as guidelines for Federal agencies (as intended) and accept that if you can not pass a bill thru congress, then it simply doesn’t happen, even if you feel strongly about it.
(Examples being Diverting funds for the Wall, DACA, etc).

I have a two part question for the “Medicare for All” hucksters:
Millions of Americans have been paying into Medicare since enacted into law in 1965 then continuing to pay for supplemental plan B coverage, dental, vision, hearing and prescription drug coverage. Will recipients of the goobermint single payer plan require also have to pay these additional costs?
Also, for someone who has paid thousands into Medicare for all these years, shouldn’t there be a tax credit or refund considering there will be “Medicare for All recipients given benefits who haven’t paid a dime?

Will members of Congress and federal workers be required to participate in the same single payer plan all Americans will be force fed?
I want comrade Sanders to answer that one.

With the middle class shrinking under obama, what would make your presidency any different?

“Why do you hate America?”

I figure that would be applicable to any Democrat, right?

Wait. Are you asking a question for me? Huh?

Fair enough.

If that question has yet to have been asked then the moderators are guilty of malpractice.

I know I wouldn’t even attempt to answer that question.

The most I would say to that is, “No person can be sure of ANYTHING. Next question?”

As honest as the answer to the question you proposed. (Which can’t be honest.)

Of course, if a guy were running to CUT government spending, then if he were asked that question he should just defer to his opponent who is proposing more spending, and leave it at that.

Sure they can. Presidents have known powers. The right answer would be something that they didn’t need congress for. Like, pledging to veto budgets that increase spending.

That would be a stupid pledge…

Look up, that is my point sailing by overhead.

Not at all…it was a stupid pledge, even with “known powers”.

It’s a stupid idea for a President to pledge only one term if there’s something he can’t accomplish.

For the reason stated…no one knows what a President might face.

Sounds good on a bumper sticker.

When the government shutdown stretches into its third month and the fifth column DNC mouthpiece keeps up the drumbeat that this all the president’s fault, and the hearts of the voting population turns against him, eventually something has to give.

Maybe I could pledge to do my best with Congress, or something like that.

You KNOW that any pledge will get used against you. “Read my lips…” The guy compromised and then got burned by congress, and it cost him reelection.

And? Shouldn’t we know if they are stupid? In any case that was merely an example of a promise they could make that if they failed to do it, would be entirely on them with no excuses about congress. Not a suggestion of what they should promise. I can list as many other examples as you wish. Here’s another. Pledge to appoint a specific person to a cabinet position.

Are you crazy, or just plain stupid?

The larger point being, any promise they make that requires the cooperation of congress isn’t worth the air used to make it. And shouldn’t be phrased as something they promise to get done to begin with.