If you can't handle a few crying kids, how are you going to deport 15+ million illegals?

This struck me after Sessions made his “optics” comment here: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2018/06/21/sessions_on_immigrants_we_never_intended_to_separate_families_the_optics_havent_been_good.html

Immigration hardliners have been saying for years they want to deport all the illegals, but I do wonder how the ■■■■ they are going to manage that if even the Trump admin backpedals over a few thousand kids.

Cause the optics involved in deporting millions upon millions of illegals is going to be far worse than a few kids in cages.

It is a legitimate question. Trump had to backpedal on separating the children in spite of all the arguments of its being the parents fault for creating the situation, similar things being done before etc. Whether they really had too, they at least felt overwhelmed by the imagery, more than the argument. Never mind the big iconic photo of a child crying was not that of a child who was actually separated, or that the image of children in cages was from 2014. The images did it.
Now if you begin enforcing the law 100%, and start removing families you are going to be hit with a barrage of photos of crying 7 year olds being “ripped” away from their neighbors etc.
Saying it is justified or the fault of those who came here illegally is different than handling the photos.

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They have no intention on deporting anyone. Democrats have taken a strong left turn to the left of Obama on immigration. Will see how that works out for them who knows maybe the residents in the rust belt have changed their minds and are all about importing more cheap labor to compete with.

Great point.

They should go ahead and do it. They’ll never be in power again within my lifetime.

They don’t even have the capability. Not without getting the military involved.

Even better.

Is that you in that picture?

Kim Yo Jong.

Well, to paraphrase Mark Twain, there are lies, damned lies and optics.

The question might well be, if you can’t handle (i.e., care for, feed, clothe, house, educate, medically treat and socially integrate) a few crying kids, how are you going to do that for 15+ million?

Whole neighbourhoods potentially being forcibly removed from houses, lined up going into busses.

Friends trying to hide them from authorities, and various standoffs with law enforcement. There’s be an organised underground almost overnight.

A few kids in cages would be a walk in the park by comparison, in terms of being able to weather the PR storm.

I dunno, there’s definitely a hardliner wing of the party that would be happy to see the Govt deport every illegal in the country.

Perhaps dipping their toes in this pond has been an eye-opener as to the political realities involved, but I doubt it.

Yeah that would be necessary.

Which would make the optics 10x worse.

By channeling my inner Nelson Muntz, that’s how.

Someone has got to be the first one to battering ram the church doors. My bet is it won’t be Stephen Miller.

Buses? They walked in, they can walk out.

The homosexual ones could do it. Better optics.

Well first we need a wall. We keep deporting the same people over and over. Just ask Kate Steinle’s dad.

We can put the Tacoma mall police on it, they know how to handle 15 year-olds.

I’m willing to give amnesty for any illegal who has a liberal willing to be deported in his place. On a one for one basis. :+1::sunglasses:

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