If Trump proposes debt default would you support it?

And by the way, the jobs increase is only 225,000. Still good, but the 266k includes 41k GM workers coming back after a strike.


that must be the nuance.

Newest media talking point.


Thanks for the vocabulary lesson, TW. I thought the “generate revenue” implicitly was referring to net increases in state revenue.

Temasek Holdings is owned by the Singaporean government and invests in multiple industries. Norway’s SWF gets savings returns on its holdings.

Ah so, I thought you meant here.

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The usual multiplier used be economists is 1.90, every dollar in public spending adds $1.90 to GDP. A dollar of aggregate demand is a dollar of aggregate demand.

It’s not hard to see how. Public spending on a school for example. The government spends the money but it doesn’t build the school. Architects, contractors, materials, those are all our purchased with those dollars and support private industry. Everything in the school from desks to books to pencil sharpeners, down to teachers salaries, it all gets spent on goods and services.

This will be offensive to some who can’t imagine this reality because of an ideological difference, but that’s how it works. Economies don’t particularly care where the dollar of aggregate demand comes from.

They also have operating costs and rarely turn a profit at least in this country.

I love how 260kish jobs a month is now “amazing”

Easy. Go back to the tax rates when Obama left office and the deficit was 50% less

So trickle down?

I don’t disagree with you at all. My objection is two-fold: how the government gets the money to spend on projects outside of delegated authority, taking.

And the denial by libs that the same exact thing happens without the government.

And $1.90 is bull ■■■■■ A dollar is a dollar.

Link? Otherwise, you made that up.

So if we decouple from China, what happens to all that “debt”? Anything?

That’s worth repeating.

The TDS is getting pathological.


They’ve been pumping recession fantasies since … Trump.

Already posted.

It;s some new nonsense nearly every day. :roll_eyes:

It sure is.

No. Trickle down is not synonymous with spending multipliers

Were conservatives deranged when they were going on about faked books under Obama?