If Trump objects so strenuously to illegals, why do he and his family keep hiring them?

Ya take away a few of the midwestern states its doable…trump won because of blue collar midwest…same places hillary was weak in primaries

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Illegals can’t get bennies. If we don’t give them work, how will they survive?

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why would people falsify their documents to get hired then put up with the working conditions if they were so bad?


did Univision ask anyone else who works there to go on record about working conditions?


all these things that make a thinking man wonder…

Scream about illegals while hiring them and lessen wages for Americans while also yelling about a black guy taking a knee…


What!!! Illegals lower wages??? What the hell!

he’s just a massive liar praised by people who once said that laws and decency and honesty were important.


And Christians with their Bibles and stuff.


Because he is a great businessman who knows where to find the cheapest hardest working labor. He’s a genius.

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It’s all genius business management. Cheapest labor at highest consumer costs…maximize profits. That’s what makes trump so ■■■■■■■ great. He’s a great businessman and the greatest example of hope ever.

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And then they wonder why we want higher wages

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she’s hispanic?

Nice how you delete your post that I was referring to. That’s so cool.

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Very very true.

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I finally understood how subservient Republican men are to Donald Trump last week. Once I figured that out a whole bunch of other stuff made sense.

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First of all, there must be some jokes in all this. That’s what King Donald does best, tell the greatest jokes.

Second of all, I wonder if Trump and Pooty Poot Poots talked about this as well. Maybe Poots gave him some advise on what grapes to use when blending a petite verdot.

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Putin probably said something like…

“Good job having Barr cover for you on the report. It looks like you’re golden now. I’ll keep the Russian mafia off your ass if you’ll do “X”. Deal?”

You really want “strong” men?

Are you standing up to him?

No Republican is. They are all spineless.

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Yes he is.