If Trump objects so strenuously to illegals, why do he and his family keep hiring them?

Seriously- can’t Trump and the kids even make a little pretense of not hiring undocumented people? Please don’t tell me he didn’t know.

I’d just like for once that there is no double standard.


Donald only hires the best illegal immigrants. He doesn’t hire the criminal illegal immigrants. The ones that commit crimes, the ones that bring the drugs, the rapists, they don’t work at Trump properties. Only the good ones. Donald Trump can tell which are the good ones because he has a great brain. Keep out the bad ones and hire the good ones. That’s Donald Trump’s motto.

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Donald has told us that Mexico is sending us their rapists, their murderers, and their drug dealers (although some, he assumes, are good people). Why does he like hiring rapists, murderers, and drug dealers who are mixed in with a few good people?


His other motto- pay workers as little as possible.

This is how these elites keep themselves at the top, and the working Americans scrambling with illegals for as low a wage as they can get away with paying.

It’s deplorable.

But the buck will stop somewhere over there, far from Dumpster Donnie.


Actually, since he’s hiring illegals, he can probably get away with paying them less than a buck …


Trump is a hypocrite. He still manufactures his garbage merchandise overseas too.

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Republican men aren’t strong enough to stand up to Trump and his corruption/lies.

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There’s no mention of Mexico in that article.

Enablers on deck.

Honor on hold.



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Among other ways

She was caught in a similar predicament last fall when it was discovered that a company that her brother-in-law had invested in was awarded a $737million loan guarentee from the Department of Energy.

And then there’s the Starkist in Samoa thing.

Ruling vs. Country class.

Trump has no principles. He just knows how to throw red meat

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you believe these two people huh?

And the manly Republican men have no way to stand up to this politician. He’s rolling over them like LeBron playing a high school kid.

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All i know is that 2020 will be the most important election of our lifetime. Think about the debt, deficit and spending! The children!!!

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To be fair, the subservient Republican men are going to vote for Donald Trump. They look at him as a father figure.

It’s really up to the rest of the country to get his ass out of office. Women and minorities and non Republican men can stand up to him. It’s up to those people in the 3 swing states.


Don’t worry guys.

The buck always stops over there somewhere when it comes to the President.

It won’t phase people who reflexively defend him or sooth their cognitive dissonance with “ what about…”

Write them off… they are unreachable. Lib tears is the prime motivation… not policy or long held values.


the two people mentioned in the article from Univision are Honduran