If trade wars are easy to win

… then why has the US not won this one already?How long does it generally takes and is the US still on track for victory? The US is paying farmers to throw their crops in the trash and China is signalling they are in it for the long haul using language that implies Trump’s demands are encroaching on non-negotiable points. China is apparently considering cutting the US off from rare earth metals. When does this all wrap up?

No one questions dear-leader! It’s un-American.

Trump has shown multiple times that he has no clue on how foreign trade works. He has a bunch of financial advisors who have in the past said how much they oppose trade wars because they can do much damage to our economy. And now they just follow along with what he wants to do. I have dealt with China since the late 1970’s and I can tell you that they have a well thought out straggly where it seems that we do not. And all Trump can say is what a good relationship he has with China’s president. And that doesn’t mean squat. Xi Jinping will play him like a cheap fiddle. We are screwed.

The important thing right now is that relations between Donald ad Kim Jong Un have never been more affectionate.

How many years did it take to arrive at the total imbalance of trade “we” are at? It won’t be solved in a few months but it must be addressed, otherwise it would simply continue to exacerbate if left unchecked…especially with the rollout of 5G throughout the world. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the EU joins us in applying tariffs on Chinese goods.

Why would they?

We are currently having a trade war with the EU also.

But you are right in one thing… it would have been much smarter to have a coalition of countries reigning in China instead of picking a fight with the entire world at the same time.

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Oh, so it’s not easy. Thanks.

Is there even a defined “winning” scenario? What would we need to specifically accomplish to “win?”

I forced myself to watch Republican media on and off over the last 2 months. The amount of news they leave out is devastating to this country. It’s sickening. It’s why so many people don’t know what’s going on.

We report more news on this little message board and debate it way more than Republican media. That’s a shame.

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Yes good point.

Trade wars are actually only winnable by the side with the cheaper economy. The side with the more expensive economy can only ever hope to break even, which is what the goal should be.

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If China cuts us off from rare earth imports, the United States is ******.

I have always opposed trade wars and tariffs and will only support unconditional free trade.


What do you mean by “break even” and why should that be a goal? Are you suggesting that all countries should have a zero balance of trade with each other?

I suspect that when Trump began this trade war, he was unaware of how much of an impact it would be.

Being serious, does Trump know what a rare earth metal is and what those metals are used for? I suspect not.


I perhaps should email this Wikipedia article to him. :smile:


He might flag it as “fake news”. :joy:

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I bet you think we are taking in billions from China in tariffs, don’t you?

Oh…you’re awake now? Welcome to the day…and have a nice one.

Rare earth elements isn’t as rare as people think it is.

There’s no hurry. China plays the long game and so should we. We hold the cards…