If this real this it is the stupidest thing I have seen yet

Is this like addressing the poster versus the post?


This is a couple of years old as far as “news” go and I think it was just a bunch of hot air. No indication that the CDC has actually been restricted in any way, nor would any such ban survive court review.

Looks like mashable is just vomiting up old garbage.

Ok thanks I was hoping this was satire or something.

Just drives me nuts when people post a write up of another article that’s linked to in the write up.

Especially when the linked to article is longer.

Yeah, I seem to recall this story from a while back. It’s been lost in sea of all the other crazy stuff. It’s so fatiguing. All of it.

Desperation is setting in. Rehashing old news.

Aaaah found the date on the original story

December 15, 2017


Old news being dragged up from the grave by the mashable making you think it just happened.

Wouldn’t this count as fake news? hmmmmmmm

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If it’s fake, yes. If it isn’t fake but old…do you have to ask?

@SneakySFDude was rehashing old news pertaining to Stormy Daniels in another thread. I hope you don’t think he is desperate?

Trip down memory lane. They weren’t banned. A suppose suggestions.

I can’t believe they brought this up. It tell me just how desperate they have become.

See my reply.

Rehashed, old, and fake news. TRIFECTA!

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CNN catching fake news. If I didn’t read it I would think it was fa… …

Why would Mashable repost this lol.

But it’s amazing that watching Trump supporters jump on this thread the way they are. You hardly see them do this when one of their own posts a boo-boo.

I can only assume, under the Trump regime, you mean the “stupidest thing (you) have seen” today?

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No paywall on Mashable unlike the Post.

There was a reason if is in the title

Yeah…but that doesn’t help your hair when you ignite it over nothing.

Memory lane was paved over long ago but I still keep hearing some people complain about the loser of the 2016 election all the time on here. I guess thats desparation too.

Was it fake?