If this isn't Open Borders what is?

Not even giving a court date to hear their phony asylum claims:

“Border agents in the Rio Grande Valley, the epicenter of the current migrant surge, were authorized on Saturday to begin releasing adult migrants and families from custody before they have been given a date to appear in court, according to an internal document obtained by NBC News.”

I’ve said it before, getting into the country could be as simple as speaking two magic words - asylum seeker.

They’re being detained at the border, no?

No. They were reporting in.


With border patrol?

Any gringo in a uniform

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Just because they crossed the border illegally doesn’t mean they would not feel honor bound to turn themselves in later and set up a court hearing where they might be expelled.
To imply otherwise is to say something bad about illegal border crossers, and we all know that is racist.
They are Central America and Mexico’s best people.


What a pathetic ideology. “We need to take in anyone that can walk here, or we’re just mean!”

Even though no other country in the world operates a border in that fashion.


The Biden Revolutionary Administration needs to fill the country with an economically dependent population in order to change the United States into a Cuban style government where there is a one party iron fisted rule . . . as in every dictatorship!

Forewarned is forearmed!


There is no better way to weaken, destroy and bring to its knees a prosperous and freedom loving country than by flooding it with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, disease carrying, disabled and criminal populations of other countries.

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No they are being let in:

“Others told NBC News they were not asked for contact information and were simply given identification documents that they were told to show local law enforcement if they were stopped while in the U.S. It is not clear how the U.S. government will reach those people to see that they go before an immigration judge.”


Get out of jail free cards!


Oh, heavens no! They MUST first say “asylum seeker.” No other country in the world has such a strict requirement.

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You are glossing right over the part where Border Patrol has them in custody, first.

Actually, the requirements for asylum are the same in all 145 signers of the 1951 convention.

So, pretty much every country in the world.

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Right. What does it say about 1st safe country?

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Absolutely nothing.

Are you sure? Ok then.

Yes, quite sure.

Ok then.

Might want to look at Article 31.

Do they meet the Convention’s definition of “refugee”?

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Article 31 doesn’t define what a “refugee” is. It prohibits states from punishing refugees who entered a country illegally.