IF this is the greatest economy ever we are in trouble

deficit as % of gdp, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019; 3.1%, 3.4%, 3.8%, and 5.1%

GDP growth 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019; 1.6%, 2.4%, 2.9%, 2.3%.

Notice that the growth rate is smaller than % of deficit to GDP.

a major factor in the difference is interest which appears to have a black hole effect on the economy.

So if working people do not benefit from debt who does.

If the wealthy benefit from interest payments and a party wants to increase debt, then who is fooling hard working Americans?

The majority of federal spending goes into programs such Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other entitlement programs like welfare, food stamps, housing etc. The overwhelming majority of that spending benefits middle and lower income people.

lets forget the 600 billion + defense budget.


But I thought that the huge tax cut for the wealthy and corporations was going to supercharge our economy…

As a canadian, you probably should.


Is there another major economy that is out performing the US? If not…we are the greatest economy in the world. That…is what allows the luxury of printing money. We lose that…and then…we are in trouble.

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Not sure what your point is? Debt is driven by deficits, deficits are result of the difference in what the government takes in vs spends. Bootz claimed that “working people do not benefit from the debt,” which is false since most of the spending is in programs for working people, biggest chunk being social security:

I’m not crying about anything.

eagle keeper,

the op talks about GDP Growth and debt as % of GDP as well as interest as a % of GDP.

it does not even mention discretionary and entitlements.

i am impressed, i thought it was impossible to miss the point completely.

in debt subtracts from growth, as it does, and interest payments go to lenders not borrowers, or the wealthy that own bonds.

Then deficits hurt the working people through dampening demand of products and therefore labor.

The deficit isn’t growing because we have a bad economy it’s growing because congress can’t control spending.


Nobody cares about that. And they haven’t for 50 years. Deficit reduction means absolutely nothing unless it is applied to the national debt. And it never is. It’s always wasted. And your people are not Saints. Both parties are guilty as hell.

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To be fair, he is ahead of us in Time Zones, maybe tomorrow’s stock market looks better.


Do you know why the market dropped? Hint: It’s not because the President cut too many regulations. To be fair.


Unless you eliminate the deficit altogether there’s no way to make any headway against the debt.

Only in your bizarre universe does lowering the rate we increase the debt not have an impact on said debt.

Your post appeared to agree with the above, which is just nonsense.

“Lets” as in are you an American? :thinking:

Well, the biggest contributor to the deficit growing lately is the Trump tax cuts.

But conservatives have a difficult time with math, so I know this will be incorrectly argued against.

Revenues are up, not down. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.