If they shoot you, they don’t even run


And the working poor for decades in this country packed up and left one place for opportunities in others.


Of course it does, they don’t want to leave.


You give an example where dependency on government creates more dependency. (And forces people into unacceptable conditions.)


I agree.

But the damage was done decades ago. How on earth do you fix it without throwing these people to the wolves.


Yes the working poor are known for their social mobility. FOH.


If you’re in a small town, they’re probably meth heads.


It’s crack. It’s common around here.

In my hometown meth has ravaged the county as a whole.




It’s weird, in the cities crack isn’t very popular anymore and meth is like kind of around but no one shoots it and hardly anyone smokes it.

Here, it’s all opiate pills, straight dope, powder coke and molly.


obviously. its not like it cost considerably to move from one state to another and having to get new license, new tag for the car(if you are lucky enough to have one that can make the trip) couple month of deposit on a apartment if you have no or bad credit history, water and electric activation ,have enough savings as not to starve until the first paycheck is deposited(if you manage to have a bank account that won’t screw you over).

easy peasy


The question we should be asking is whether we should be doing even more of what has caused the damage, or start undoing what has caused the damage.

Dialing back government dependency does not throw people to the wolves. (I would agree about wolves if the proposal were a cold-turkey approach.)

Perhaps the first step would be for us to admit the damage in the first place.


Why do you have to move to another state?
There are plenty of landlords who work with people who have bad credit.
Why would they starve until their first paycheck is deposited? Plenty of churches, food banks and food stamps to help those in need.

It’s almost like some people would rather keep people believing they are trapped and helpless rather than showing them it doesn’t have to be that way.

Illegals walk hundreds of miles for months to get to our border in hopes of a better way of life. They find jobs, they find housing. You’re seriously saying an American citizen has a worse shot than an illegal?


Maybe they should arm themselves and go on the offensive.


You’re right, the damage was done decades ago and it has created a mess for these people.

You have to change the culture and the thinking. Change them from dependent victims to people who take interest and pride in their communities. They need positive role models as well as a strong police presence and working relationship with the police. Education should be the gold standard to achieve and rewarded.


Dudette, and 90% of the working poor aren’t wearing ankle bracelets to keep them under neighborhood arrest, either. People in other countries would sell their soul to be a citizen of the United States for the freedom and for the opportunities they can create for themselves.


10 char


When police step in to help, libs declare the cops the enemy.


I have to wonder the same thing.

Let’s see… $30.00 a month for housing, minimum wage, public transport, food stamps, medicaid… Hell, they probably have more discretionary income that most people do.


There are several uninhabited islands in the Aleutians that would serve that purpose well. You wouldn’t even need guards. :wink:


Must cost a fortune to keep up that lifestyle. Oh well. Choices, choices. What is popular today? Well, not meth or crack…Food for my family or powdered coke…hmmmm :thinking: