If they shoot you, they don’t even run


Nobody is forced to live there.


You’re right. If they hit the lottery they could move.


You don’t need to hit the lottery to leave the town you live in. People with little or nothing in their pockets have done so throughout history.


I never said magic is the solution. Taxes certainly aren’t, as you suggested. The community needs to work with the police to put the criminals behind bars. The police need to work with the community to keep them safe from reprisals.


I’m sorry Tommy, but right now there are more job openings than jobs that can be filled. You cannot tell me that anyone with some level of skill cannot apply for a job in a different location for better pay, find housing at a similar rate and then relocate.


Then, why are they there? The reality is they are free to relocate. People do it every day at every level of income. Hell, even some of the homeless relocate during the winter.

Now, if that is something they don’t WANT to do, that is fine. But, if they want the crime to stop they’re going to need to work with the police as a community or they will continue having the same problems.


You’re right. I think Chicago holds the focus it does because of Obama. It is a distillation of liberal policies, of establishment politics (which is also found in the GOP, BTW), of “community organization”, of a welfare society. It’s what this entire nation is destined to become if we let these things prevail coast to coast. “I did what I did in Chicago. Now I want y’all to have it too.” But don’t worry about the downside. There are worse places, right?


I think there is a middle ground on this point. One side says, “Just move away!” The other, “It’s impossible.”

It’s not easy. It’s not impossible. It’s complicated.


I agree it is complicated and my heart goes out to the innocents caught up in this.

Nothing worth doing is easy and almost always complicated.


Dude, ninety percent of the people in the hood are the working poor. This is what I’m talking about, you people have zero idea what you’re talking about. Find housing for the same price? What is that, a joke?


Cops cost money.

Again, you wouldn’t be so self righteous if it was you or your family that could get shot the ■■■■ up or your house firebombed. You like to think you’d be that brave but you’re fooling yourself like most people.


The police don’t give a ■■■■. No one outside of the people who live there give a ■■■■.

You think people are going to trust the police to keep them safe? I don’t. That’s why I carry.


See? Magic. Want to leave? Just leave. It just happens. If you don’t, you must want to stay in the trap.


Good cops cost even more money.


At a similar rate to public housing?

Where I live at now I pay 750 a month. And that’s cheap for this town. It’s a good area on the outskirts of what most people would consider the “hood.” The housing project about two miles down the road costs about 30 dollars a month after they qualify for public housing assistance.

I also bring in nearly 50 grand a year and have no children. I can afford it even after the state and federal government rapes me in taxes. Those people can’t. They are taking care of multiple kids, sometimes their cousin’s kids. Some of them are in massive debt.


Yet this same argument is never applied to white people who live in Appalachia.


The police here are overwhelmed by the number of people overdosing. You can’t walk out of a store, gas station or terminal without being harassed for money. That and the fiends are slithering around the hood dropping their used needles everywhere in places where kids play.


It’s out of control. Something has to be done.

The town I live in is just 15,000 people. But yet there are two stores down the road from my apartment that I can’t even go to without being accosted by crackheads. Even small towns are being overwhelmed.


What did people do before public housing? Dependence on government = loss of freedom.

I suppose if this is the choice and if they don’t want to work with the police then there really isn’t a solution for them.


Chicago murders have been making national news at least as far back as the 70’s.

There was added focus because he claimed it as his hometown but in reality this is nothing new.