If they shoot you, they don’t even run


I tend to agree but then they will just scatter like roaches, establish themselves somewhere else and come back when everything has been cleaned up.

The people in the community need to be able to stand up and feel no fear for taking back their community. I’m not sure how that can be accomplished.


You’re correct. I wouldn’t put a dime in a donation basket for a Chicago fix even if I picked it up off the pavement.

Taxes are not the answer to everything. Money isn’t the answer to everything. The people there need to take back their community and stop tolerating and enabling crime. I’m sure there are many good people trying to do just that. To them, I would donate.


Give the locals a year of peace and see what happens if they try to come back.


People are just trying to get by on a day to day basis. I don’t know if may have it in them to get involved. Mostly, just hunker down and hope every day doesn’t bring tragedy.

I think education, pride in themselves and their community could go a long way.


The warlords don’t have enablers. Stop blaming the people forced to live in these areas.


MSNBC didn’t cover the murders this morning when I listened. It was.

Manafort something Trump something Gates something Trump something something greed campaign something something

Nothing about the young black men murdered. I guess there weren’t any white guys to blame.


I do blame the people living in the areas. They are free to move, they are free to call the police and they are free to join a community organization which will help clean up the area. If they want to be victims and not “rat” on anyone for fear of reprisal, then they are always going to get what they’ve allowed.

On the other hand, I also understand just wanting to come home and not get involved. It isn’t their JOB. It should be handled by the police. If the police can’t do it then the National Guard should be called in and put a stop to all of this nonsense immediately. Zero tolerance so these folks can live and raise their families in peace.


Some of these people are literally destitute. They can’t even afford food for their families. Expecting them to just pack up and move is a bit harsh. It’s not impossible, but it’s very difficult.

Also, I’m assuming you’ve never been in a situation where “snitching” can get you or your family killed. These aren’t low level criminals. These are sociopath gangbangers with extensive connections inside and outside of prison. They’ll find out. And the next thing you know you, your cousin, sister, etc may end up with chalk drawn around them.


I also understand motivation. Risk being killed or my child being killed? Hope you get through the day thinking like a victim or endure more hardship to make a safe place for you and your children?

No, I’ve never been in a situation where “snitching” can get me or a family member killed. Then again, whatever hardship I had to endure to get me out of a situation where that could occur would be my first priority. That is not “normal” to me. Perhaps if it was not “normal” to others change would occur from the inside.


What would you spend the money on?


It becomes normal when you grow up in that environment and it is literally all you know.


Snitching will get you killed or your mom’s house shot up. If they had the means to move they would; even criminals try to make it out.


Okay, then how do you teach them a different way and what they grew up with is not the standard they need to live by?


I don’t buy that. Everyone has two legs and can get to where they need to go if they are sufficiently motivated.

I’m not super big on excuses or enabling/perpetuating victimhood mentality.


It doesn’t matter what you “buy”. No one wants to live in the ■■■■■■■■. That’s reality.


I’ve been through the city many times, only stopped once and that was all I ever needed to do. When there are more bad places in town than there are good, that is not a good situation.


Right. Magic. Magic is the solution. If you just wish hard enough and pull those bootstraps up everything will just change because reasons.


How did they restore a modicum of civil order back to Iraq in 2007-2009?


You talk a big game when it’s not you or your kids or parents who would be in danger. A big game you wouldn’t talk if you lived there.


You may not buy it but that’s because you’re completely wrong. You think they call it the trap for no reason?