If they shoot you, they don’t even run


That pretty much sums up the issue.


Target practice?


check out their web site: Black Lives Matter - Chicago

Not a peep! Their last posting was July 16. It’s only worth their time to produce crocodile tears for black people if police shoot them.


The NBC nightly news broadcasts would preface each new shooting with “Conservative Republican mayor What’s-His-Name…” They’d be sure to make this about the failure of Republican and/or Conservative ideals. In a complete contrast to how the narrative reporting for these shootings is never about blaming the wrongheadedness of Democrats or liberal ideals.


It amuses me that you think there isn’t any sort of pushback from the community on these sorts of things.


Oh look, it turns out the real victims here are conservatives. Hypothetically, but yet still.


More guns on the streets will make things better…


In the right hands? You bet.


I would imagine many people feel like target practice living in the gang communities.

Like the person that lived there said “They don’t even run after shooting someone”.


Instead of doing drive-by shootings, they do tailgate shootings now.


They’ve moved on to “walk by’s”.


Well this situation is FUBAR.


There’s a solution to this, not just in Chicago but all over. Americans would rather not pay one red cent more on taxes than fix it. After all, not their kids being killed and if Obama hadn’t been from Chi they wouldn’t give a ■■■■.


Dang I had to look that up to see if that was real and it is :hushed:


What is the solution?

I admit. I’m out of ideas.


Former presidents are always looking for something to do with their lives after leaving office. Wouldn’t this be something worthwhile and important, for Obama to make his post president legacy? Beats building houses and cutting brush, or just giving speeches for $200,00 a pop.


The only solution is to send in the national guard and occupy the city for around a year.


It’s beyond fixing now. The only option is occupation by the military.


Damn. We took a cross country road trip in early July. Went through St. Louis. Stopped for gas and a bathroom break. But once I stepped out of the car I decided just to pay the pump, get the tank filled and get outta there. When I was done the pump said, “See cashier for receipt,” and I decided I didn’t need one for that stop. :frowning:

Didn’t pee, though I probably could have joined the homeless guy peeing behind the nearby dumpster.

It was the only stop on the whole 18-state trip I ever felt any fear because of my surroundings.

Of course, this doesn’t change the problems in Chicago (or, more accurately, certain areas within the Greater Chicago area). It just shows that there are places even worse. Yay for Chicago, right?


Charles Bronson in Death Wish.