If they shoot you, they don’t even run


Or this

from https://detroit.cbslocal.com/2017/01/24/michigan-man-whose-drug-sentence-commuted-by-obama-is-shot-dead/


Because the dems underling the police at any chance… Look what they do to ICE.


Some places have gangs and some don’t. The obvious solution is to SERIOUSLY study those places that ought to have gangs but don’t and find out why they don’t…and then implement their solutions.

An obvious choice would be to hire Rudy Giuliani or someone with similar proven experience.

It would mean rewriting the code book for their entrenched beaten down police force. It would mean re-educating the public to appreciate and respect said police again.

It would take years to break the cycle. But it CAN BE DONE.

The problem is Mx. Wolf is that I’m talking pie in the sky. At best I’d expect well paid working groups to do lots of “work” and produce lots of reports and never get serious. It’s just the way things work in big city USA.

But the solution is out there. Just not the will to do it.

And for mid America…this is incomprehensible. How the victims allow this sort of insanity to continue by continually voting in crooks and losers. The citizens MUST demand action at the voting booth. And they MUST have someone worthy of their vote to vote for. (That’s a big part of the problem…all their choices are rotten.)


So would you pass a federal law prohibiting President Obama by name or what language would you use that would pass a legal challenge?


Who said anything about addressing it with legislation? Not voting for people like him would be effective.


That’s your “policy”?


Sure. It’s one I can carry out all by myself. It’s a start.


Dems have no solutions… Trump does.


Let’s hear them…


See… They have to ask reps.

Stop undermining law enforcement for one. And stop yelling racism when thugs are arrested. Stop assuming high incarceration rates of blacks is racism. You could also put some real discipline in their schools, but they may make the teachers union mad.


The hoplophobes and the pols in charge of Chicago. Oh and the dems.


Government policy?


Yeah, you know, like real actionable stuff instead of all the whining…


Nothing. Why do you think a government policy is a solution?


Then what is the solution?


There isn’t one.


In terms of murder per capita, Chicago barely cracks the top 25. Why that city is constantly mentioned is sort of baffling.

By contrast, St Louis Mo is in the top 3 murders per capita every year, while having some very lax gun laws relative to many other places including chicago.


There are policies that would definitely help like actually fully enforcing existing firearms laws and long sentences with no parole for things like illegal possession by felons, and using a firearm in the commission of a violent crime combined with “3 strikes and you’re out” for all felons, and a 2nd offense with a firearm in a violent crime or in conjunction with gang activity being an automatic life sentence with no possibility of parole.

The tough part is changing the culture and gov’t policy can’t address that.


Well banishment would work. It worked well for the French when they put all the people that were considered beyond the pale on an island near Guinea. I am not advocating first time offenders but if you just shot a 10 year old girl riding her bicycle point blank in the face,which just happened over the weekend in Chicago what possible use are they for a western society, what are the chances they will ever be rehabilitated for something after that.

Before I get deemed a Nazi and racist I would hold this judgment only for the most extreme cases, like MS-13, school shooters, and gang banger’s. The color of their skin doesn’t matter only the ruthlessness of their crime. They are providing nothing for society except death, drug addicts and draining resources.


Other than life without parole or the death penalty you have no other real alternative with those who are beyond rehabilitation or for whom their crimes are so egregious they should never breathe free air again.