If they do it, does that mean we should?

Does the behavior of others make it right for us?

Consider birth right citizenship, 30 other countries grant it. Under what circumstances is lost in the talking points.

But if others do it does that mean we should?

Consider this, Greece, Norway, Finland and Austria have compulsory military service. Of course so do many other countries like Mexico.

Does that mean we should reinstitute the draft?

As the worlds preeminent superpower, should America set the example or follow the example? Or does it depend on the issue?

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We do it because it’s in the constitution. If we want to end it, we should change the constitution. There’s a process for that.

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please point out where the military draft is in the constitution.

If you want to change the Constitution, your free to do so.

It’s not, but birth-citizenship is.

the question was should we conscript people to the military, other countries do.

the question posed has nothing to do with the 14th amendment, the question is should we conscript because others do?

more broadly should America lead or follow.

If you want, I really don’t care.

No. We should not

My mistake. Thought we were talking about the 14th. Didn’t read correctly.

Lead or follow. It doesn’t matter. We should look at different ideas and find what right for us.

I think conscription may have merits, but EVERYONE must do it. No waivers or deferments. If my son is drafted so must Trumps.

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but other countries do. Why should America ever be different? other countries provide healthcare as well.

Because #MAGA

we are talking about the rationale used by pundits and talking heads. The fact other countries do something should have no bearing on our policies.

Where is that occurring?

Conscription is a bad thing in a free society. It we defer to the constitution there is no place for compulsory behavior. To some extent.

in debates all the time, all the developed countries provide health care, 30 other countries have birthright citizenship, I tire of hearing what we should do based on what other cultures do.

We are America and we should do what is right.

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You don’t think citizenship and healthcare are rights?

One of the powers delegated to Congress is to “raise and support armies” I think conscription does fall into this area.

article 1, section 8, clause 12. it certainly does not.