If the gun is the problem then:

You are right. Most do it because they are amoral, selfish, cold hearted and lazy.

Somebody else’s money … a value they share with lib politicians.


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What creates criminals?

The neighborhood most of us can’t afford to live in, and you refuse to tell us where it is?

Liberal-socialist engineering creates poverty.

Ever come in contact with a sociopath?

This is the result of the “Department of Education” that since its inception has educated no one. The Posse Comitatus Act no doubt was deleted from American History post Civil War and the Reconstruction studies in whatever dumbed down school these oafs attended.

Sounds like a beautiful place…How does it feel to live in a place where you feel you need to be “heavily armed”?

No; no it is not.

I don’t think they have been deployed anywhere yet. I don’t think the plan is to have the strike teams deployed to conservative areas (yet). There isn’t much violence here.


Absentee fathers, Drugs, dropping out of school, scuffling with police, no life skills or job skills. These are all way they sink their own ship. They are born into it and screwed from the start. Sorry libs. White supremacy isn’t to blame.

So you’re saying they start out behind the 8 ball? Don’t you Cons always say that everyone has the same opportunities to succeed? Apparently they don’t , do they…

I have always said that. And their politicians refuse to help.

No cons don’t claim everyone starts with all of the same opportunities, that would be ridiculous.

Society and human frailties.

No, lowlifes create crime. Criminals make poverty worse.

No, Cons do not say that. Cons say that the opportunities are there if the individual choses to avail themselves of them, and does what is necessary and puts in the effort to make it happen. Ironically, that’s also one reason some people turn to crime.

I would add to that lack of opportunities.