If the gun is the problem then:

Why is my neighborhood not a war zone like Chicago? We are heavily armed. Big guns, small guns, revolvers semi auto’s you name it. We’re pretty much the poster children for AR-15 ownership. Guns galore. CCW permits everywhere. Yet no gunshots heard in my neighborhood for decades. None. Zero, zip nada. Pretty strange eh? So why doesn’t Biden leave us the hell alone and go to where the killin is? We are not the problem. Our guns are not simply “going off” as the libs like to say. We’re among the safest places on Earth. Any effort to reduce the bloodbath in liberal areas should exclude us. We’re fine thank you.




poverty creates crime.

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Is the Biden administration currently in your neighborhood?

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That’s not at all true.


very few people do crime for fun.

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A majority of gun deaths are suicides.

Yes. He’s trying to go after gun owners in my neighborhood. He’s made no secret of that. Why bother?


Great. But my point is excellent. Right?

Most do it because they are greedy or simply have a violent streak. Right?

No, seriously. One of his strike teams came to your city?

I remember when Obama was elected and some of those on the right started saying that black helicopters were going to swoop in and take everyone’s guns. So I’m not surprised to see this type of verbiage start up again.



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no they do it for money.

Jade Helm, Obama was going to use the military to take over Texas.

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We must never forget, nor let them forget the crazy

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which is funny because their guy almost invoked the insurrection act to deal with BLM till Milley told him to ■■■■ off.

I live not far from where this happened. At the time when I saw it on TV I could not believe that these people thought that a POTUS could command the US Army to declare martial law.

Meh. Crime is not standard. It’s a convention, and hardly consistent.

OK, what do you thinks creates crime?

And criminals create poverty. It’s hard to say which comes first.