If The Election Is All But Over And biden Has Already Won

biden wont pick her for veep. he already has her lined for for a supreme court seat


It won’t be Warren. The Democrats have a real shot at taking the Senate, and they are not going to voluntarily give up a safe Democratic Senate seat to a Republican.

I am not so sure.

Biden just brought Bernie support into the ticket.

Warren would bring the next largest faction…as VP.


Warren supporters are already polling at virtually 100% backing Biden, now that she is not going to be the nominee for the Democrats. There is no one to bring in to the fold. They are the fold.

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She is quite likable.

She has that special aura that Kanye likes.

I don’t know what that means. But she will not be the VP.

Of course they are.

Nothing would sink Biden’s chances for a win than picking Hillary.


Not quite. :rofl:

Chelsea Clinton, if she had a law degree, perhaps. :rofl:

I think he will be looking for somebody under 50 years of age.

The Democrats are likely to be FAR more insistent upon youth in their Article III picks this time around.

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hillary is the choice for one of the 2 new seats biden creates . her and obama :slight_smile: for any other vacancies i thing rachel maddow gets the first one

There are no factions anymore. Except for the Bernie Bris who are so hardcore they don’t believe Bernie is hardcore enough to be a Bernie Bro anymore.

it’s too bad there isn’t a black female Marxist named Thyme…

Biden/Thyme has a certain ring to it…

And B Obama as another one?

That’s fine but she’ll have to run in black face to make libs happy. :sunglasses:

Gabbard. Any year but this one. Maybe this one, if the gods aren’t entirely bought in to the apocalypse.

Has Trump named Pence as his VP nominee for 2020 or is it going to be someone like Jordan or Nunes?

Normally, I’d agree, but with a 78 year old president, the VP pick Is a tad more important this time.