If The Election Is All But Over And biden Has Already Won

Then why not pick hillary for VP?.

His boss said she was the most qualified candidate ever, and I’ve heard the russians cheated her out of her birthright.

Draft hillary.

It’s time.

i’d be ok with it

Still talking about Hillary? :joy:


With a little biden twist so the safe-spacers don’t claim it’s all bds.

Seriously though. If it’s over…

Even biden said hillary was cheated by the russians.

Draft hillary.

It would be the most incredibly stupid choice Biden could make and she isn’t even in the picture.

The running mate will have to be a “progressive” and Clinton doesn’t qualify. And even if she was progressive, you don’t pick an unlikable person such as her.


She should say she has bone spurs and avoid the draft.


It’ll be Biden/Harris.

Probably will be but I disagree that they “have to” be. What are else are libs going to do, vote for Jill Stein again ?

Most trump supporters can’t quit her.

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Here’s hoping.

She won’t go away.

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Biden/Duckworth (my personal favorite)

The OP know this…it is a Hail Mary out of desperation.

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Wait what

I still want it to be Whitmer. But I am biased. I live in Michigan.

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Please do not give them ideas.

Even very bad ones…

I want Duckworth.

It’s down to Harris or Warren short of something crazy coming up in their vetting. Veepstakes honestly never means much IRL. Just something for the media to cover.

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So is Hillary.

Harris is quite probably a less likable person than Hilary.

Could be her…

Does that mean Kamala is out then? If anything she may be more unlikeable than Hillary if that is possible.

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