If Mueller concluded that Donald Trump has Obstructed Justice

This is a question for Trump supporters:

Would you still support him?

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Seriously??? What does that even mean? :roll_eyes:

Yes, they will.

If he committed obstruction of justice by perjury and by influencing witnesses to lie on his behalf, like Clinton and Nixon, I would have no complaint if the Senate decided this was worth impeaching.

If Mueller fell back on the theory that using the Presidents lawful authority over the FBI to control the FBI…as is his job…then I would consider any attempted impeachment to be totally political. The only way that could be obstruction would be if Trump knew he had committed an illegal act and was covering it up. Otherwise, he has as much…no, more…authority over the FBI to make decisions than Comey had.

Of course, as with any of us, what we “consider” will have little to do with what is done.


Where is the confusion?

Are you kidding? Of course. If “justice” is represented by the likes of Comey, Lynch, Mueller, Stzrock, McCabe… then he has my fullest support to obstruct their asses and to obstruct anything they put in place in 2016.


What do you mean … “If” ??

This has NEVER been about Trump supporters, it’s about the independents and thinking Republicans. You swing 10-12% of them and it’s all over.

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Mueller doesn’t get to decide if Donald Trump Obstructed justice any more than I get to decide if Donald Trump obstructed justice.
That is for the court system to decide,
for the House and the Senate to decide.

The same persistent stupid line of questioning.

If he’s guilty he’s guilty and should be punished. At this point I just want the soap opera to end its going on two years now.

The charge of “obstruction” does not require an illegal act as an element.

It is not against the law to lie (unless under oath).
It is not against the law to shred documents that you own.

Obstruction is all about intent.

The Trump supporters stopped mattering long ago. Of course, they will never withdraw their support. The law doesn’t matter to them.

It’s the independents that matter.

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The OP never said convicted. He said concluded and that is excatly what Muller would do in his report to congress, he would conclude based on evidence of a crime or not. He does not just gather the evidence and then say Ok here is the stuff you guys go and figure out the crime cause I can’t conclude it because DoghBH said so.

That is why I said that if Trump’s intent was to stop an investigation into himself because he knew he himself was guilty, that would be obstruction.
If Trump knew that he himself were guilty of nothing, then he could not have a guilty intent by removing Comey even if he was trying to end a bogus investigation.
He, Trump, is the elected official in charge of the FBI.

Yup, Trump followers have proven he was right when he said he could shoot someone on the street and not lose support. They don’t care.

And of course that is easy to prove.
Tertiary TDS is a hellacious way to go out.

So basically Trump can’t be guilty unless you learn to read his mind. Convenient.

Mueller is tasked to investigate Campaign collusion and prepare a report of his opinion. He is not a finder of facts and his opinion is not law.
A trial either in the courts or Congress may well unearth alternate facts or legal opinions that differ from Mueller.
Also, as with Clinton and perjury, Congress could decide that some illegal act may have been committed but was not sufficient for impeachment.
So the question of “If Mueller decided…” is a definite NO in response from me. He is not tasked with deciding. He is tasked with giving his opinion.
And I never said Mueller couldn’t have an opinion. But his opinion is no more conclusive than my opinion. The Congress or courts are the ones whose opinion will matter.

You are catching on.