If Michael Cohen is lucky, he should be fairly happy and comfy in his abode for the next 3 years

Looks like they got the Judge to recommend to the BoP that Michael Cohen serve his time at FCI Otisville.

https://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/otv/index.jsp (Link to BoP profile for FCI Otisville.)

FCI Otisville is 70 miles northwest of New York City in Orange County, New York. It is a medium security facility but Cohen would most certainly be staying in the adjacent minimum security camp.

Otisville is the BoP’s own personal slice of the promised land. Very Jewish friendly, serving Kosher food and with Jewish religious items available at the prison commissary and full time Rabbi’s on staff. It even observes Jewish holidays. :smile:

It is considered one of the safest and most comfortable places to serve federal time. Its food is rated best in the BoP nationwide. :smile: Most of his fellow inmates will be white collar stoolies, so Cohen will have little to fear if he goes there.

Officially, we will not know were he will be assigned until after his March 6 surrender date, but I expect they will send him to FCI Otisville. While the BoP has the final say on where inmates serve their time, they generally give judicial recommendations high weight.

His butt should be safe there.

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I’m glad he will be safe.

It’s a shame that not all prisons are considered safe.

Realistically, there is a limit to how safe prisons can be, given the fact that they are, well, prisons.

Minimum security and low security federal facilities are generally safe, but that is due to the nature of the prisoners they hold. White collar criminals, ex-politicians and other low level non violent offenders. Generally not people that are going to resort to violence.

When you go up the ladder to medium and high security, you have the violent types, with many in high security facilities being gang members. Even so, federal prisons are usually far safer than State facilities, mostly due to the fact that many federal prisons are newer and more well designed.

The federal government does a far better job of segregating prisoners by security needs, ensuring that a prisoner like Michael Cohen is housed with like prisoners, not with somebody who might hurt him.

At the State and county level, if you are unlucky enough to be incarcerated, only hell knows who your cellmate might be.

Of course, as Whitey Bulgar found out the hard way, if somebody inside the BoP doesn’t like you, you are ******. Somebody on the inside must have tipped off inmates at the facility he was transferred to that he was coming, given he was dead within a day of his arrival.

Moral, don’t **** off the jailers. :smile:

Whitey Bulger likes this post. I’d say that’s in bad taste but he was a monster.

Damnit Safiel. Just beat me.

I wonder if they have Saturday night socials with the ladies at Danbury. :slight_smile:


They do have family social events. :smile:

Safiel, I want to think the best of corrections officers, but for the life of me I can’t understand how anyone lets Bulger within spitting distance of a Connecticut based Genovese hitman doing life.

I have no doubt that somebody on the inside of the BoP deliberate set the whole thing up. It makes no sense his being transferred from USP Coleman II in Florida, where he had been serving time without incident, to FCI Hazelton in West Virginia. Coleman II is high security while Hazelton is medium security. If his health was declining, there are administrative security medical centers such as Springfield, Missouri, where they would have been able to isolate him from other prisoners. Additionally, the prisoners knew he was arriving, meaning they were likely tipped off by guards.

Somebody inside the BoP wanted him dead and set him up to die.

i am always concerned that felons are safe and comfy while in prison…

The violence in our prison system is imo, unacceptable. Not that I have any say in the matter, but it’s BS some of the stuff that goes on.

Hmmm. That was supposed to be a reply to a specific post, guess I erred.

I am not personally bothered by Bulger’s death or Larry Nassar’s, uhh, violation in prison. They got the karma they deserved.

On the other hand, Michael Cohen may be a piece of ****, but he deserves to serve his three years and be released in safety. He doesn’t deserve to die or be raped. We should be concerned with the welfare of lesser, non-violent, non-sexual offenders and protect them from violent and sexual offenders. Non-violent, non-sexual offenders do at least have the right to be protected from violent and sexual offenders.

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If cohen brings trump down and shows there was everything we thought was there…if let’s say biden wins I’d make Biden pardon him…especially if trump gets brought up on charges…