If it should be free, then

If you are a doctor and believe health care should be free, will you work for free?
If you are a professor or teacher and believe education should be free, then will you work for free?
If you are a corporation that believes taxes should be raised, will you lower prices?

TLDR; Doctors and teachers work for free in Europe.


You do understand that in countries that have a nationalized health service that doctors still get paid.

It is free at the point of service but os funded through taxes.

In the UK a National Insurance tax is paid by employees you pay 0% on the first £183 per week, then 12% upto £962 per week. Above £962 per week you pay 2%.

How is that free?

You can also elect to have private health insurance but it is different than in the US. For example there are no ER benefits because if you go to the ER you are not charged.

Of course professionals get paid under universal health care. These are just ■■■■■■■■ talking points that don’t mean anything.


seemingly intelligent people give seemingly intelligent responses.

but sometimes they feel to read the question.

question is focused on the belief of the individual not the mechanism by which society taxes people.

fact is nobody believes in working for free, if nobody is vast majority as opposed to absolute.

but should they get paid?

Your OP makes no sense. Who is saying they should work for free?

Obviously you are trying to make a point but I have no idea what it is.


We have free national security provided by our military, I’m pretty sure members of military don’t work for free

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nobody says they should work for free. The OP asks a question.

if a doctor thinks health care should be free would that doctor work for free?

Same for a professor.

The obvious conclusion is that few think they should work for free. SO those self serving professionals want more patients or more students so they can make more money by getting others to pay them.

we have no free national security.

I guess all the bills for what I owe then have been lost in the mail…damn Post Office !!! :angry:

You don’t work for free. You work for what the government decides you are worth.

Some of the same individuals, for example, those who support rent controls, would quit or at least look around for another job, if their employers refused to even give them a dome raise that year. Yet they gloat at the idea of a landlord not getting any yearly increase to cover their increased cost of living.

So no, none of these individuals will work jobs like teaching or health care, for free. The jury’s out as to whether any of them realize taxes pay for that free stuff.

for many years we actually funded our military through taxes. Then we borrowed from our trust funds and now we just borrow to fund everything with debt.

There is no way to balance our budget, no way to pay for new programs so free college and free healthcare would indeed be free.

My wife told me the same thing. I told her to get a job. You know how you can balance the budget?.. PAY SOME ■■■■■■■ TAXES!!!

I dont believe you.

The people that demand it be free.

work those numbers, propose your tax plan and when businesses shut and people stop working who will you tax, the bankrupt and unemployed. Silly person

Every one I know would support paying more taxes to pay off our debt if there was some control on govt spending. The problem is our politicians are like drug abusers and alcoholics. It doesnt matter how much money you give them, it will never be enough. The only way there is to keep them under any type of control whatsoever is to keep complaining and threaten to vote them out if they raise taxes.

Trump works for a dollar, how many dems forfeit their salary?