If Iran launches an attack

We should not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Our response should be to completely neutralize the threat and destroy any Nuclear capability. And be done with it. The mistake of sending in ground forces with the goal of establishing a government that loves us should be off the table. Nobody should die for that. Neutralize the threat and move on. We should never nation build again.

Agree that. But those who cried about Iraq and Afghanistan will now we are being too mean if we wipe out their infrastructure.

Israel First! Oops I meant America …America First!


I would avoid as much infrastructure as possible. I would wipe out their military capacity, nuke capacity and their bat â– â– â– â–  crazy leadership. If it happens again, I would do the same thing.

Why would Iran launch an attack and where?


You misread the thread. I did not say that I would. Start by reading the title. Then scroll down.

Our response should be according to the reasons they attack and what/how they attack. What’s the problem?

That’s not going to happen. If the U.S, is attacked by Iran, nobody and I mean nobody except maybe you, will be wanting to wait for an explanation from Iran to determine if we deserved it. There will be a response. I just hope it doesn’t include nation building.

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Is there something you are worried about?

I just hope it doesn’t include nuclear weapons either.

Why do you ask?

I doubt it will need to. We will be able to fly unimpeded in Iranian airspace. There will be no need to incinerate a city. Wipe out the military threat and be done with it.

Attacked on our home land? Attacked some naval ship in the strait of hormuz? Both would warrant different responses.

When did Iran attack us?

Click on the thread title. This is explained there. Let me know what you find. I will offer further help if you need it.

If Iran doesn’t attack the US then leave them the ■■■■ alone

I think everyone agrees. But tensions are high and they have been causing mischief. We need to be prepared.

Let’s see:
Trump backed out the nuke deal
Trump called them terrorist
Trump sent a carrier strike group there

I’m not saying Iran is clean in life but let that region worry about them

I don’t see how that will be contained to just military targets. I believe Iran would target Saudis oil terminals etc…and then Saudis would be targeting theirs. Which then would continue to escalate from there.

We are that region. We exercise the right to commerce in the Gulf. We are not leaving because Iran want’s us to.