If I owned a musket

If I owned a musket, I would use it for self protection, as the founding fathers envisioned.

What would you use a musket for if you owned one?

Why would you use a furry little critter for… Oh, musket. I thought you said muskrat. Carry on.

Oh this crap again. :roll_eyes:

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I could shoot muskrats with my musket if I felt they were a threat to my person. I would yell “it’s coming straight for me!” before shooting to make sure I was following the law.

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I wonder if stand your ground includes muskrat?

If it’s coming straight for you, what are you going to do? Use your bayonet?

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You might have to prove intent on the part of the muskrat.

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Dead muskrats tell no tales.

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It’s too slow to use and cumbersome for protection these days. The first shot could be okay I guess.

I’d definitely have a blunderbuss, pack that ■■■■ with random household items and ■■■■ ■■■■ up.

And they had better be close. Those things were horribly inaccurate.

That’s why you want a blunderbuss, throw a handful of carpet nails in there and go all pirate on them.

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I’ve owned replica black powder long guns and pistols- both cap and ball and flint lock.
I shoot them at the range. I have one hanging over my fireplace- a Sharps.
If you fire them they are a chore to clean. You have to boil them to remove the powder residue otherwise it will erode the metal.

Sounds like a pain. I never enjoyed cleaning my m16.

And you have to remember how to load them muzzleloaders. :smile:


I own an old musket that is unserviceable and a contemporary muzzleloader. Been a few years since I have hunted during the muzzleloading season, as it is a pain to clean those things.


If I had 100 muskets that could all fire a single shot at once in the same direction, I’d have a worthy tower defense.

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I actually do have a musket. It was passed down from an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War. My gunsmith has it right now. There are 2 or 3 museums who want to buy it, but I’ve told them that I don’t want to give up ownership. I am negotiating with them to see if they might want to lease it. That would kind of be a win - win situation.


Dude that is awesome.

If I owned a musket, I’d let my kids have it while I was busy with my Girardoni.