If guns make people safer why are they banned at the NRA convention

I know that its the secret service that is handling security since VP pence will be there but according to the NRA more guns make us safer. you would think they would have a huge problem with the secret service banning guns at their convention…

can you say hypocrites.

I guess the SS does not agree that there may be a “ good guy with a gun” at an nra convention. Ouch.

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Because we live in a police state.

The police are not banning the guns.

Please get help.

Yes they are.

No, they aren’t.

This is an outrage! I’m a law abiding citizen and should be able to open carry everywhere i go! Outrage i tells ya!

Then why haven’t all guns been confiscated?

What sheer idiocy since we all know that POTUS and the VP get armed security whether its an NRA convention or a Girl Scout outing and that the Secret Service would demand no guns other then theirs at any event.

So how come they get a pass and others don’t?

What are ya gonna do about it patriots?

Who is banning them?

Right? Sounds kinda fascist that the government and social elite get their guns, but the poor working class slobs get disarmed.

The delicious irony of this really can’t be overlooked

I don’t get what you guys are going on about. The NRA didn’t ban the guns.

Yes they are.

Why isn’t the NRA up at arms about this gun banning at their convention?

Because they aren’t. They’re banned at the meeting Pence is attending.

They shouldn’t be, but we live in a police state.

There is no irony. Just another case of the federal government ignoring the Constitution.