If God loves us unconditionally, why does he kill us instead of curing us?


IOW. There are conditions in unconditional love.

That is like the Christian 1+1+1=1

Both statements are the same type of Christian nonsense.



You would know.

Care to discus the morals of a genocidal son murdering Yahweh/Jesus?



Correction. I noted succinctly the post to which I was responding was wrong. I also elected not to pursue any twisted paths. The straight and narrow way works better.


You corrected nothing and showed what a lousy apologist you are.

Keep it up as you do my work for me.



Why do you think that I, a “literalist”, would be annoyed by what others believe- or don’t?


Are you a literalist? I didn’t realize, or perhaps just didn’t remember.

Do you believe that Saul and David, etc existed and that there are no mistakes in the Bible?


I’ve made no secret of my being a fundamentalist in my years here in the forum… I’m pretty sure it’s known.


Now this is truly an excellent point. God is not the author of confusion and he has cleared it all up. That’s why I accept the truth of his word over the truths of man. Man is fallen and therefore fallible. Well intentioned men have lead countless people to hell. That is not Goods fault…


Simply declaring that Fod has cleared it all up does not mean he has. He lack of harmonization of the gospels is an example of him not clearing it up.


What, specifically?


What I mean is, he left us his word, commands us to study that word under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and will lead us into all truth if we follow his command. Keep in mind the Bible is for believers, to the lost, it is foolishness. Salvation first- THEN study. Makes all the difference in the world…


I mean its 2000 years after christ…yet christians still cant agree


The problem is that man doesn’t want to accept that there is a price on sin. If “Christians” would accept that, most every other difference would soon vanish. That’s the lie Satan has been pushing since Eden- no price…


I guess its never Gods fault


Nope, never is. Why would your actions or beliefs be his fault? Aren’t you an atheist anyway?


I’m having a discussion. If you are a republican does that mean you cant discuss liberal beliefs? Since God created everything and created the rules/frameworks for everything, he is at least partly responsible.


He’s guilty of not being a tyrant and forcing everyone to accept him as he is.


Would you prefer to have not been created?


Oh so we dont have accept him in heaven?


I’d prefer God create heaven and be done. Instead of playing hunger games