If God loves us unconditionally, why does he kill us instead of curing us?


What I’m getting from your response is that you don’t believe that every word of the Bible is inerrant and inspired by God. Is that correct?

Yes, I have read up in Wikipedia on Saul and David and Joab, etc., and how Biblical scholars don’t believe they actually existed, etc. Just stories to tell the people.

Which must really annoy the literalists who believe that every word in the Bible is true as is stated therein.


You should not get that. Even before college–but certainly from college on–I have studied types of writing. The Bible cannot be read as an Encyclopedia, a textbook, a news article–or for that matter, even a storybook. Writing materials were also scarce and expensive, and an entire picture had to be presented succinctly. Fortunately, Hebrew was a language of pictures. Unfortunately, English is not. We do not understand what early Hebrews immediately took in.

What I never forget about the Bible, no matter how much it is inspired by God, it was written by man, through the lens of human eyes and human experiences–and that those specific human experiences are not my specific experiences.

This is their story, and I have to understand it as they did in order to learn the lessons being presented. Inspired by God, they did not write the Bible wrong. We are reading it wrong. Think of it this way…their story, God’s lessons.


Correction: Some scholars question the existence of Saul, David, Joab–but many do not. While I am of the opinion that literalists who believe every word in the Bible is true as written by King James, miss a lot, they at least understand that God created us, loves us, and is involved in our lives. That makes them a step up from atheists, even though many atheists may better understand the implausibility of the Bible as it is read in English.


Irrelevant to my question to you

Your reply has no relevance to my question to you.

Why did you deflect instead of answering?

Did you not like the garbage you would have had to write to answer from your idol worshiping position of a genocidal son murdering prick of a God?

You cannot justify what you do can you?



If one goes the route of parts of the Bible being allegorical, the question of objectively determining which parts qualify as allegory becomes a bit of a problem.

Sure would be nice if God just cleared it up for us.


Point to you on this.

We also have to accept Jesus and do the commandments and commandments and penalties sure screw up a person’s free will.



I liked your reply in agreement with our friend.

Americans swear by democracy, while waiting to die to go to a heavenly monarchy.

America was founded by those trying to escape monarchies.

I wish Americans would decide what kind of ideology they really want.

Perhaps that mental conflict is what had intelligent decent people elect a really inappropriate President. That or the far right just like ■■■■■ grabbers



They think they do. All they need do is ignore the Word Of God, that tells them that God created evil.

Strange that they think that someone other than God wrote the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or that a God could create yin without Yang.

Sheeple are called sheeple for good reasons.



Is that why you have decided to idol worship a genocidal murderer instead of seeking a good and moral God who would do as Jesus said he came to do? Cure instead of kill?



I just wanted to agree and also say that your moral sense is much better than the average Christian. They do not seem to care about their moral sense, as you seem to know.

Let me add a bit to your biblical knowledge base.

If you were to watch the whole program, thinking of what happens at the end will give you a great insight into what religions are all about as you see the same people who condemned God, praying to him. Think tribalism, right or wrong, which is how Trump got elected.



Let’s discuss the topic not each other.


You would have more handing down better experiences of God if the inquisitions that Christianity sent out had not murdered so many of those who were better and more moral than Christians.



Yet Satan’s followers were there long enough to here what was said that converted them to Satan and away from God.

I think that that fact refutes your notion of no sin in heaven. God thought it was evil enough to give Satan dominion over humans.

I think only a prick would do such a thing.

Why did God do that?




If you are not a literalist, then you cannot believe in a literal or real Jesus. This must be so if your statement is true.

Is that your position?



I wish the inquisitors would have done as you suggest. They would have murdered fewer.

Why do you hide your motivation for idol worshiping a genocidal son murderer?

I understand your reluctance, but that issue speaks to the issues in the O.P.





I’m not sure what sect of any monotheist religion calls Gods love unconditional. He’s forgiving in most of them, but there are rules… Like the 10 commandments…




My response has everything to do with your question. Your example of attempting to put others down as a methodology to make yourself feel better about yourself is very immoral so that you’ve actually answered your own question. It’s hard to see what’s moral, through immoral eyes.


Thanks for showing your position. You are as forthcoming as your absentee genocidal son murdering God.