If God loves us unconditionally, why does he kill us instead of curing us?


If God loves us unconditionally, why does he kill us instead of curing us?

Jesus, Yahweh to some, said he came to serve us and not to have us serve him. That is what I describe as unconditional love.

Yahweh, on the other hand, seems to put a condition of us serving him on his love. If we do not love Yahweh, off to hell we go.

I call that a condition to his love, which is negated when he tortures us in hell, then kills us in hell’s second death.

This appears to be a huge contradiction in the Christian ideology.

Is Yahweh’s love unconditional to you, or is our having to love him back and serve him a condition?

Am I bound for hell because I cannot love or serve a genocidal demiurge like Jesus or Yahweh?

Is Jesus showing unconditional love for us when he kills us instead of curing us?



Repenting of your sin is a condition. You can’t love Jesus till then because you haven’t even met him yet, and you won’t till you’re born again. Reach out in faith, accept, then get to know…that’s how it works…


If god is pure love then how did hate come into existence?


I believe it originated as a core component of the Southern Strategy, circa 1968.


Well, there are things that God hates. Its not an absence of love or a not love thing, it is hate. If God created all things created then hate, as it should be applied, is created by God. Its bastardization is from sin. Hate of social injustice, hate of racism, hate of taking advantage of the downtrodden all all examples of “holy” hate. Racism itself, a corruption of how hate was to be applied.


Because the God in the bible is a narcissist. If things were perfect people would take him for granted but by making people suffer it causes them to worship him in hopes he’ll save them. When something bad happens everyone starts praying. When things are going normal and good people do not as much. Suffering equals worship.


well said my friend.


Well said my friend.


I cannot do as you suggest because your bible says that God decides who he will give grace to and that without it, one cannot have faith or belief.

God does not allow me the free will to do what you say. If you knew your bible you would know that.

You should be believing that you have been condemned ifr you think you need to use Jesus as your scapegoat savior?

What sin got you condemned to purposeless torture then death in hell?



A good point. If God was all there was in the beginning as is thought, then evil had to come from him.

The bible even tells us that, logically, yet Christians do not use logic not believe their bible.

They want to have their cake and eat it too.



Is it holy hate when Christians discriminate against gays and women without a just cause with their homophobic and misogynous teachings?



IOW, Christians use God as a security blanket due to their fears.

I can agree here as I do not see Christianity as a moral religion and cowards can never be moral.




Look a my reply to our friend just above.

The church loves the born again. Children are so much easier to con than adults.

Too bad they hurt so many children to root out the ones who are not intelligent enough to fight the indoctrination.

Do you see child abuse in this link?

Brain Washing ( Jesus Camp ‘‘Highlights’’ )



It’s as much “using” Christianity, as it is using my wife. I love her and have a daily relationship with her. I’m sorry you don’t have one GP with The Lord as of yet but by being here, you’re seeking it my friend and I pray you find it.


God gave us all free will. so we are the bad ones, not God. I feel God should grant us with free will with stoppers. No one can break any of the 10 Commandments


As long as I do not find your genocidal and infantesidal satanic Yahweh, I will maintain my better moral views than what you have.

Why are you not looking for a moral God?



So many Christians try that idiotic gambit.
Christians are always trying to absolve God of moral culpability in the fall by whipping out their favorite “free will!”, or “ it’s all man’s fault”.

That is “God gave us free will and it was our free willed choices that caused our fall. Hence God is not blameworthy.”

But this simply avoids God’s culpability as the author of Human Nature. Free will is only the ability to choose. It is not an explanation why anyone would want to choose “A” or “B” (bad or good action). An explanation for why Eve would even have the nature of “being vulnerable to being easily swayed by a serpent” and “desiring to eat a forbidden fruit” must lie in the nature God gave Eve in the first place. Hence God is culpable for deliberately making humans with a nature-inclined-to-fall, and “free will” means nothing as a response to this problem.

If all sin by nature, then the sin nature is dominant. If not, we would have at least some who would not sin. That being the case, for God to punish us for following the instincts and natures he put in us would be quite wrong.

Psalm 51:5 “Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me.”



My friend…over the years I’ve noticed that those I must pray for the most, are those that attempt to justify themselves…to themselves…by putting those around them down. The relationship I speak of is a much higher place and let those you encounter be your witnesses/judges of your morality?


Do we have free will in heaven then? Or is there sin in heaven too? If not, then free will has nothing to do with it.



Can’t wait to be a heavenly robot.