If Global Warming Is Real, Then Why......?

An abundance of papers are available on the Internet. I access those in my area all the time. Nobody is forcing you to use the more public-facing communications.

So why does NASA subscribe to AGW? Why does ExxonMobil? Why do scientific agencies in other countries? Are they in on done conspiracy to keep the truth from the public? Are only and a few others smart enough to “science” the truth?

Irrelevant. You demand it from me but just assume it was done by them and that they must be accurate.

What I’m asserting is that there are other factors you wish to ignore that provably do affect global temperatures.

I never claimed to have done any such calculations yet you demand them from me asserting that others have proven the contrary with calculations you’ve never seen.

I never said the increase in solar heat accounts for all of the heating of the last few decades but then we’re still within the bounds of prior cycles so there is no excess heating to account for anyhow.

We’re well below the maximums seen during what was deemed the climate optimum that peaked about 8,000 years ago.

Temp’s have not exceeded the normal range and neither have sea levels so pardon me if I’m not on board with making claims that cannot be supported nor panicking over what are nearing what had previously been deemed the ideal climate conditions on planet earth.

Let me say do I trust the CSIRO’s position more than I trust your position on climate change? Absolutely 100% yes.

I don’t really care what you accept or trust, you don’t matter.

Hilarious given you continue to comment on my posts even though you think they are not relevant or of any consequence.

Of course my view on climate warming is of no import per se. What is of import is the accepted position of those qualified to reach an informed position. What is of import is that politicians recognise the need for immediate action on climate change.

Pure histrionic BS.

If we ceased all human carbon production tomorrow what effect would it have?

China and India are producing more Carbon than the rest of the developed world combined and nothing we do is going to reduce their emissions nor can anyone show that it would have any effect at all on the environment.

Obviously you don’t believe it or you wouldn’t be sitting here producing unnecessry carbon posting on a discussion board in another country using electricity generated with carbon producing fuels utilizing computer and communications tech produced with petroleum and powered by carbon producing fuels.

One would need to know what you meant by “we” to be able to answer “If we ceased all human carbon production tomorrow what effect would it have?”.

The rest of your post is very dubious to say the least.

We the US and no there’s nothing dubious about it at all.

If you absolutely believe that we’re in a climate crisis requiring immediate action to cut carbon dramatically why are you contributing to that carbon output if you believe it to be such an imminent threat?

Quite the contrary in the most recent Australian federal election I supported a political party that intended to do its part in mitigating climate change. And to repeat the rest of your claim is extremely dubious to say the least…

Your vote then was of course completely wasted.

What exactly are they going to do that will avert this imminent climate disaster?

What’s your point? I have never claimed to be a climate specialist. I don’t need to be a specialist to understand specialists.

No it wasn’t.

On what do you base your assertion then? If you have never done the calculation then you are just guessing, biased by your politics.

As the the scientists, if they say something they usually have done the calculation. I trust them far more than I trust anonymous internet sources who have never calculated anything.

Well, we should all keep in kind your criticism comes from a place of limited knowledge.

You tell me … why do you think Exxon Mobile subscribes to AGW? I’ll give you a hint … they are not in the oil business, they are in the money business.

I find it absolutely astounding that you seem to think that a few hard nosed skeptics in the US are preventing every industrialized country in the world from doing whatever they believe is necessary to save the world from the effects of man emitted carbon. Seriously, if the vast majorly believe it, what’s stopping them from acting? Certainly not me.

You failed of course to even attempt to answer the quesiton.

What exactly are they going to do that will avert this imminent climate disaster you say is on the horizon?

Be specific.

Look in the mirror. I seriously doubt that you are as knowledgeable as you pretend to be in here.

The same thing you’re basing yours on since you haven’t done any of the calcuations nor have you seen theirs.

We’ve seen global warming throughout the solar system during the same period.

We know the sun is the primary force affecting temps on every planet.

We know the closer we are to the sun the more intense that effect is.

There’s no money in admitting that most or all of the warming we’ve seen since industrialization is natural but there’s trillions of dollars in promoting the theory that man is responsible.

All information comes from sources of limited knowledge including yours.