If georgia is open for business why is the governors mansion closed?

after all according to the governor its safe to go out and go bowling,go to gyms,nail salons etc…

why not the governors mansion. maybe its not as safe as he claims and while hes happy to risk other peoples life its different when it comes to his family…

Go take over the state house. It’ll be like Wisconsin 2011 all over again.

There is no reason for the governor’s mansion to be closed.

It should be an example for how similar non-essential businesses can operate under these conditions.

The governor’s mansion is in downtown Atlanta and last I heard, libs were siding with Atlanta’s mayor on the reopening debate.

Game. Set. Match.

Does Atlanta have jurisdiction over the governor’s mansion?

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There are at least 5 jurisdictions that patrol that part of Atlanta, including Atlanta PD.

So, yeah.

And like I said, take over the state house.

I recommend similar actions in Michigan… as well.

No- I mean- is it the governor’s decision or the mayor’s decision to close down tours?

Don’t care.

Go take over the building.

Then your entire response is a non sequitur.

If the governor’s office controls the mansion tours, and he feels bowling alleys are safe to open but not his mansion, he’s being hypocritical…which is what was being pointed out.

Now…if the city decides whether the mansion can open for tours or not…you have a point.

So the question needs to be answered- your response was meaningless.


File a protest, or go take over the building.

Have at it.

It should be…just as the White House and Capitol building should be open for tours again.

I don’t live in Georgia.

And no one has to do any of the things you mentioned in order to point out the hypocrisy.

Don’t forget the Supreme Court.

I don’t live there either, but I do know where the Capitol building is and I know what the mayor has said regarding opening.

Other people work at the state house besides the governor. Just because you want him to get sick is no reason to spread it to others.

You sound like joe scarborough, who a week or two ago suggested that “everyone who works at the White House and their families should have a big party in a barn” to see who comes down with the virus.

It was disgraceful.

The Governor needs to lead by example.

I personally dont like to think of this crisis as a game but each to their own.

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Do they give tours there? I didn’t know.

Probably the most revealing comment in this thread.

Yes. My youngest and my chaperone wife went just last year.