If Biden withdraw, Bernie is rightful heir

There is now some rumbling that Biden needs to withdraw…even CNN is starting to cover Biden sexual misconduct. Beside with dementia setting in Biden isn’t going to be pres for long.If they do not nominate Bernie that would be biggest slap at hardcore base of socialist party.

Personally I think CNN knows that Biden can’t win comes Nov…so now they’re going to push him out.

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I just saw this. I had not been paying much attention to this story.

Now it’s a 5 alarm fire for good old Joe.

No way this gets buried now.



Biden is the candidate.

Will be the candidate.

If you say so. Just seems that libs have put all their eggs in sexual pervert with dementia.

It would mean that every women that have accused a man of sexual misconduct will be hypocrites if they vote for Biden…don’t you think?


So to be straight. A guy who admits to sexually harassing women can be elected POTUS but a guy with a he said, she said situation can’t win?

I don’t agree with dementia but yes based on the fact that there is now an accusation out there, those who vote for him while at the same time decrying Kavanaugh et al.

At this point, he needs to stop the sniffing and start grabbing them by the ■■■■■■ He needs to up his game to compete with Trump

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Difference between Trump and Biden…Trump claims he can while Biden did.


That’s why I’m :rofl: too. :sunglasses:

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and hopefully will be the president

Different set of voters. The Evangelical wing of the Republican party embraced Donald Trump and all of his scandals. I don’t see the #metoo wing of the Democratic party embracing a child sniffer.

I think that for many this election is not so much about supporting Biden as wanting to get rid of Trump.

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Oh come on folks. I think it’s going to be fun watching one elderly sexual pervert with dementia running against another elderly sexual pervert with dementia


I think that they could make the debates damn entertaining. Sort of like a game show. They could solve puzzles. Perhaps a fill in the blank contest. Hair sniffing and ■■■■■ grabbing. Dunking for apples.
So many possibilities.

Trump will not debate.

scarecrow isn’t dropping out. He won’t even get asked about it.

He’s got harvey weinstein’s PR guru running his campaign.

scarecrow got smart and just started sniffing haiir.

But he is also a sexual predator. This really looks bad. We should be hearing from the “me too” movement any minute now.

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I don’t think their TV networks has touched this yet. I have no idea how they can continue to ignore it after this bombshell.

What do you think? This looks bad for Joe. I assume you would not vote for Trump. Would you vote for Biden?