If Biden wins, will we have the first virtual inauguration?

Biden’s COVID adviser, Michael Osterholm, is proposing a 4 to 6 week nationwide lockdown.

Will the whole country be force to join Biden in the basement for the inauguration?

Does the president have the authority to order house arrest for the whole country?
This plan is coming from the people who claim that Trump is a dictator.

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No. Socially distanced. Not a problem. No huge crowds though. Way fewer people in the stands. Not a problem for someone with big hands.


Biden has had zero problem with crowds. There will probably be more reporters than people in the audience.

Maybe ANTIFA will come to celebrate by burning cars and buildings:

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I think a “virtual” inauguration would probably be a good idea.

What exactly do you believe Dr. Osterholm means by a “lockdown”?

Please provide a primary source.

I’m betting Joe will put people’s safety above the need to have his ego stroked.


Who knows what he means? He seem to believe that lockdowns work, which is dubious from the available data. He the video in the link he admits that people are suffering from COVID fatigue.

Here is a quote from link in the OP:
. . . we could lock down for four to six weeks, and if we did that, we could drive the numbers down,” he said. “Like they’ve done in Asia. Like they did in New Zealand and Australia.”

Melbourne Australia has become a virtual police state. Is he going to import mercenaries to enforce the lockdown?


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Forcing people to submit is ego stroking.

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You mean like being required to sign a waiver before being let into a rally because of a known danger?


Joe will not have crowds of unmasked people refusing to social distance for the sake of ego stroking, unlike One Term President.

Virtual will be very nice. Probably along with a drive in option of some sort. I foresee drive in events across the country with the event streamed on screens. It’s the 21st century after all.

Loser Donald won’t attend, he’ll still be crying like a baby. :baby: :baby_bottle:

Biden will have the largest online crowds ever!


I love when people try to compare the U.S. to New Zealand and Australia.
They are both “islands”, not having a land border with other countries so they’re a lot easier to secure.
Their combined population is less than the population of
Comparing apples to anvils.

Attending or watching the presidential inauguration is not mandated.

Breathe deep. Settle.

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What is a “lockdown”?

That’s the point. Is what you think of as a “lockdown” the same as the good Dr.?

If your terms are ill-defined, how can anyone discuss your topic?

You’re not discussing, you’re trolling.

If you want to know more about Osterholm’s proposal, Google is your friend.

We had this discussion months ago. The POTUS can’t lock-down anything that isn’t federal.
Just like he couldn’t open anything or force schools back to having in person clauses.

Don’t tell us, tell Osterholm.

Here we are again talking crowd sizes during a pandemic. Jesus Christ.

Sorry, I don’t have his number.

Odd that the article claims they are Antifa and yet there’s no proof. Andy Ngo just assumes everyone is Antifa.

No, I’m not.

Dr. Osterholm doesn’t have a “proposal”. He made some comments to a reporter - that’s it. Everything else is your imagination.

This is all to my point.