If America is so unfair how is it that many of these Democrat politicians are millionaires?

When listening to these Democrat politicians speak I hear on occasion some make the claim that America is so unfair. But when you look at their net worth many are millionaires? Personally I find it disingenuous for a bunch of millionaires to make that claim, I mean how the heck did they make it so big? Is it really so difficult to make it to the middle class?


Good for you for pointing out corruption in our government. They’re all corrupt. Republicans and Democrats.


Given their quality, I don’t know that I’d use the wealth of our congressmen as proof that the system is fair. :smile:

From a 2016 Pew study, I found this interesting:

As Dems get higher incomes they see the system unfairly favoring “powerful interests” but as Reps get higher incomes they see the system as “generally fair to most Americans.”

Thoughts from anyone on why this is? “Self-hating“ Dems versus “I earned it” Republicans?

What democrat says people can’t be millionaires?

It’s not easy moving up, and it’s gotten harder.

Shhhhhhhhh you aren’t suppose to notice that. :wink:

The things you people think pass for some sort of AHA! GOTCHYA moments is absolutely amazing.

It’s just nonsensical.


What do you mean “you people”?

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Go to Congress, get rich.

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That’s not what I said. Basically the argument from the Democrat candidates is that why we more big government take over of things like childcare and college.

Life isn’t easy in general for most, nonetheless somehow they all made it big.

because education is a benefit for citizens.

college both academic and trade related create skilled workers.

childcare allow more people to enter the work force increasing productivity.

Why does that mean democrats can’t be millionaires?

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I agree. Yet we the people keep electing them.

And some of us refuse to see when the Commander in Chief is the most corrupt of all.

Can’t they teach others how to be a success as well?

Democrats, sure.

Democrat politicians? Republican politicians?

It’s pretty … odd… that they all come out of their political careers richer than Croesus, and then get sweetheart deals as lobbyists as well…

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Why is that odd? Politicians set it up to work that way. At least they aren’t voting themselves pay raises too. Oh wait.

The way it is you almost have to be rich or extremely well connected to get elected for congress. Middle class and poor cant afford to run for congress. Face it we are governed by the well to do. A presidential run will cost ya at least half a billion, senatorial probably at least a 100 million. Blame the system

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It’s always been that way. Even the Founders were wealthy land owners. Best government money can buy. Government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy.

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