If 51 votes are enough to confirm a supreme court justice

why shouldnt it be enough to pass voting rights legislation…

It is, as soon as the 17th is repealed and the new Senate under the real rules is in place.


Confirming a SCOTUS pick is not the creation of legislation.

Libs shouldn’t have opened that can of worms.


And then there is chief justice John Roberts…

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confirming presidential nominations is a constitutional duty of the senate, there is no duty to pass legislation.

The Founders’ mistake was assuming logic and dispassionate analysis would rule the day.

It never has…even before the 17th Amendment, it didn’t.

Can one even imagine the trembling horror of the same people who are pushing this is it had been brought up as a real issue in March 2017?

Merrick Garland says hi.

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the senate said “don’t bother”, advice given.

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No they didn’t. A vote to confirm was never taken

Sure there is

you don’t like the way they did, tough ■■■■■ they did.

no, there is not.

You said there is a constitutional duty to confirm Presidential nomination. .Doing nothing is not fulfilling a duty. They failed

the duty is to advise (deny) or consent (confirm). they advised. the answer was “don’t bother”.

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…through a vote. “the answer” to do nothing was a dereliction of duty

there is no requirement to vote or advise in any particular manner. how the senate advises is up to them. they did. you don’t like the way they did. tough ■■■■■

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And there is no requirement stopping them from adopting the 51 vote threshold for legislation. You don’t like it then tough ■■■■

Yeah, its the incredible dishonesty of people supporting this now who hung to that for dear life for four years while Trump was President.
They can try it. Lets see what McConnell can stir up if they do.
And, just like Harry Reid and judicial filibusters, they may come to regret this in 2024 if they can pull it off.

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