Idiot Reporter Wants to "Shut It All Down"

We’ve already seen violence in some areas because of shortages. Can you imagine the panic that would ensue if the food was shut down?

Where the ■■■■ is this “reporter” from, Mad magazine?


I have to hope he was just baiting the president hoping to get him to say something equally stupid.

Didn’t work.

Owen Jensen of the Catholic Eternal Word Television Network

“What the Hell Was He Think’n?”

Was the reporter being sarcastic or something… is there any previous context to his question?

Yeah… nothing to see here, some reporter from a religious channel asked a silly question.

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You listen to the blatant hostility coming from reporters and how the President has evolved into a machine that is crushing them. This blatant hostility is coming from Dems too? I’ve never seen anything like it. They impede his work, fight him every inch of the way and then…when he was right about the direction he stated we needed to move, they then change their tune to…he didn’t move fast enough? I’ve never seen anything like this. TDS truly exists…I witness it here and throughout the country.


I don’t see any evidence that this person is a democrat. Just some reporter from a catholic channel none of us have ever heard about.

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The correct answer that the President should have given is “we have seen the IG report and we are looking into ways to improve our outcomes”

The President taking it as a personal attack and as a lie should worry everyone.

You nailed it completely. :+1:


…because it was an attack and is EXACTLY why the reporter didn’t reveal the truth from the very beginning regarding the IG.


How is asking the President about an IG report an attack?

How is the report itself an “attack”?

Taking criticism of performance as an attack and a lie should worry everyone.


Even if all these reporters are “attacking” the president, he’s still your civil servant.

He needs to give transparent and truthful answers to the public and shut up about his hurt feelings. Men shouldn’t whine that much.

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Asking tough questions = democrat. Gotcha.

Man that Trump-hating Deep State gets around!

“The media is mean to me, and so I can’t get anything done!”

My God when did so many conservatives become such snowflakes?


Man I haven’t seen this much tap dancing since the Gong Show went off the air.


Mr. President, you suck. Any thoughts on that?

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It was because the IG was an Obama appointee who for…more than likely…political reasons…made his comment that the reporters…knowingly knew was a political attack and not based on truth.

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