Idiot Cuomo makes a threat he cannot back up

convince people

He said that first. I can read too. He may be a schmuck, but you are just making ■■■■ up.

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There is no evidence that it happened because they have been berated by democratic politicians.

I didn’t say there was.

Dude. I posted a direct freaking quote. Nothing is made up. It’s right there. You’re desperate so you’re going after me.

“That’s certainly fascism” is yours.

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Fair point. But you must agree, putting people in government cars against their will and driving them to a vaccination center sounds a little fascist.

Am I right?

Are you saying that there aren’t groups out there that still need assistance getting a vaccine? Whether that be information, encouragement, or actual physical help getting a vaccine?

For example, rural communities are a sub group that still require assistance getting information about the vaccine.

RHCs will also use this funding to improve health literacy, focusing on vaccine safety and the benefits of broad vaccination for rural communities. These efforts will improve health care in rural areas by reinforcing key messages about prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Putting people in government cars against their will and driving them anywhere sounds a little fascist.

This actually happened. Literally last year. You even started a thread on the subject…

Cuomo however didn’t say that. You inferred it sure.

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No. I’m not saying that. I don’t assign people to groups. That’s a woke thing. Any person who want’s a shot can get one. Again. Give me an example of someone who cannot get a shot.

I think he should be the one who tries that himself if he is stupid enough to attempt that route. :crazy_face:

Desperate? Funny. I don’t like Cuomo lol. He prefaced the statement that got you all fired up with “convince them”. It’s voluntary by any literate reading of the sentence.

Attempting to what? Knock on doors and ask if anyone need info about the vaccine?

…which led to the deaths of thousands due to his decision to place patients sick with COVID, into uninfected nursing homes. I’ll let NYers decide his future but I have nothing but disdain for him and that’s based on facts, not feelings.


Paul McCartney died back in the 60s. The clues are there, man!


Um…they have done so.

Strangely enough, and this proves out repeatedly, small inconveniences are more persuasive than fatal risks; most people, I imagine, are too noisy in their inner lives to actually feel mortal - until it’s too late.

Not really.

The vaccine should sell itself.

That’s not how it works. As evidence here on these very forums there are people who are concerned about potential long-term effects from the vaccine, so therefore clearly education is needed… not to mention the fact that there people actively spreading misinformation about the vaccine who’s messaging needs to be countered with facts.

Needlessly convoluted.

Try easy and honest with a big dose of brevity.

Not when there are gaslighters out there.

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